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So Sora, Riku, Cloud, Leon, Axel, and Roxas were just lounging around in Merlin’s house nothing really to do just chatting. Roxas was pacing and was really bugging Sora, who was lying on the floor, so he “stretched” and “accidentally” tripped him. “What did ya do that for!?!” Roxas screamed. “What?” Sora alisema with an innocent face “it was an accident I am sorry.”

“No it wasn’t and no your not!” Roxas retaliated and rushed at Sora. With Sora’s quick reflexes he got behind Roxas and knocked him to the ground. At this point all the guys are watching. Sora noticed the tip of Roxas’s underwear sticking out. “If wewe thought I meant to do that wait till wewe see this.” Sora grabbed Roxas’s waistband and pulled revealing a large amount of striped red and black boxer-briefs. This caused Axel to come to his Marafiki rescue. Axel toppled Sora over and grabbed the waistband of Sora’s underwear and yanked revealing a black pair of boxers. Well this went around until all of the guys joined in.

All the guys had eventually gotten a wedgie Axel wore black boxers with moto all around the base. wingu wore plain white boxer-briefs, Leon wore red briefs, and Riku wore boxer-briefs with the words Darkness and Revenge printed all over. After a while Leon yelled “Stop!” everyone stopped and looked over “If we are going to do this it should be a contest.” Everyone nodded “Now I propose that we set some rules. First to be on even ‘Embarrassment Levels’ we should all wear the same type of underwear: Briefs.” This caused a strange silence, but eventually everyone agreed. “Second NO WEAPONS au MAGICS WILL BE USED! Do I make myself clear!?!” Everyone nodded after all they didn’t really want to injure each other. “Third Axel wewe cant wear that cloak, it is too hard to get to your underwear.” Everyone agreed except Axel who alisema “O.k. but on one condition wewe all have to pay for new clothes since this is all I have.” They felt that was fair, and agreed.

“Fourth points will be kept kwa how much underwear wewe rip off an opponent. The opponent must the sign a contract saying yes wewe did rip it off them, to ensure no cheating.” zaidi nods. “Now lets all go to the mall, and get our clothes, but wewe can only go into one clothing store so make it a good one.” Everyone agreed.
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Ventus imba with Kairi and Namine dancing. hes imba a Jesse McCartney song since Jesse voices both Ven and Roxas XD upendo how Roxas is hiding, Sora is just chilling and Vanitas is just hanging over eating some sea salt ice cream LOL.
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