Name- Color/type Points
Cloud- tighty whities 2
Sora- Striped and solid color 1
Riku- red and black 3
Leon- solid color 2
Axel- moto pattern 3
Roxas- Cartoon 2)

Leon and wingu decided that it would be best to go after Riku first, because they thought he was a zaidi physical threat, and he had zaidi points. Leon came up to Riku, and alisema “Hey kid want to try round two?” Riku just smirked and nodded. Meanwhile wingu was lurking in the darkness nearby waiting for an opportunity to strike. Riku darted at Leon zigzagging all the way to the elder male. Leon grabbed Riku’s arm, and used his momentum to toss him down. This caused Riku to get scraps, and bruises but nothing too serious. Leon pinned the boy, and wingu came in to give the wedgie. Riku’s black waistband was just barely showing. wingu gripped it, but before he pulled he shoved his sock into Riku’s mouth. After that with all the strength a skilled swordsman can muster he ripped the underwear straight off of the younger male. The force had brought a tear to Riku’s eye which he concealed kwa blinking.

They then had him sign, tied him up, put him in the cave with the others, and left a pair of his briefs in there for later. Leon, and wingu decided to rip the underwear off their other captives just in case, then they untapped an arm do they could sign, re-taped it, and left underwear there for later as well. They then proceeded to hunt for Sora. A while later they found Sora at the bailey. Leon and wingu were so confident they didn’t need to even try one on one at all they both just walked onto the “battlefield”.

Sora fought against his two attackers, but it was a futile attempt. Suddenly he yelled “NOW!!!” Then out of nowhere Axel, Roxas, and Riku jumped Cloud, and Leon. The elder two males found themselves quickly outmatched. wingu was on his stomach, while Leon was on his back. Axel and Roxas were holding Cloud, but only barely, while Riku and Sora held Cloud. Leon asked “How did wewe find them?”

“It was simple, I saw wewe take down Riku from a salama distance. Then I tailed wewe to where wewe ‘stored’ them. I had them promise that I would get both points in exchange for their release. I freed them, and here we are. All that time I thought wewe had excellent detection skills, yet wewe failed to catch me.” Sora explained like he outwitted them. He then grabbed the front of Leon’s machungwa, chungwa briefs and pulled. Leon grunted and squirmed until the underwear came off completely providing him with relief. He then signed a ran to get changed. He then went over to Cloud, but instead of making short work of him he taped his arm, and legs together strongly enough so he couldn’t rip it. The four of them then stood him up and gave him a squeaky clean wedgie. This satisfied everyone’s want for revenge as the blond’s tighty whities went back and forth causing him wave after wave of pain that he struggled to keep concealed. It took several minutes, but eventually the underwear gave in. He was released signed, then followed Leon.

Sora looked at Riku, and nodded. Riku attacked Axel while Sora went for Roxas.

*Flashback* Setting cave after release, Sora got Riku alone

“Hey Riku.” Sora said. “Yeah?” Riku asked. “After we take down Cloud, and Leon we should then take down Roxas and Axel. We would each get a point catching us up with Cloud. What do wewe say?” Sora asked.

“Sure, wewe take your counterpart Roxas, I’ll handle Axel.” Riku alisema with a smirk.