Kingdom Hearts Make Your Own Organization XIII Member (please add a picture)

TootieBear13 posted on Jan 07, 2010 at 02:43AM
Here's mine!

NAME: Diamante
TITLE: Shadow Dweller
AGE: 14
HEIGHT: 5’4”
WEIGHT: 104 lbs
POWERS: Clairvoyance,Danger Sense, Empathy, Omnilingualism, Photographic Memory, Precognition, Telepathy, Natural Armor,
Photographic Reflexes, Cloaking,
Enhanced Senses.
WEAPONS: Shobos, Shuriken, and two Katanas.
WEAKNESS: Crying baby/child
PERSONALITY: Shy, doesn't trust easily, smiles are uncommon, and easily provoked.
STORY: Diamante fought in the battle at Hollow Bastion with Sora and his friends. But she accidently lost her heart in the fight, due to a mistake of Yuffie. She finds herself, alone and unaided, with know memory of who she was. She is recruited by Saïx, and they share a close bond. She arrives the same day as Roxas, and she instantly becomes friends with Naminé.

 Here's mine! NAME: Diamante ORIGINAL NAME: ??? TITLE: Shadow Dweller MEMBER: XV AGE: 14 HEIGH

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Here's my Character. I am showing you my Character's True Name and then his Nobody. Hope you like it:)

Name: Charlie
Age: 19
Hair: long light-brown(looks like Riku's)
Eye Color:light blue
Appearance/Clothing: black T-shirt with loose jeans and black boots and wears his father's dogtags

Charlie's Story:
Charlie was born into a world with islands called "Freedom Island". He and his best friends Ron and Mary went to the island to get away from their normal lives and just act like teenagers. They planned one day to just run away and find other worlds.
Later that night, he sees the island from his living room and saw a storm started brewing. When he got to the island a bunch of Shadow Heartless appears. When he got to the boat that he and his friends made, Ron was surrounded by darkness as Charlie ran up and reaches for him. He disappears. Then the wind started to blow harder. When the winds became too much, he lets go of a piece of building and flies up to the air. Then everything went black.

Charlie's Nobody: Hexcilar(Hex-sigh-lar) but everyone calls him Hex for short.
Title: The Forgotten Shadow
Rank: 19
Weapon: The Forgotten Witchblade-A silver wristband with a black stone found in "The Land of the Forgotten Shadows"
Powers: Air and Telekinesis
Hair: short spikey-like hair
Eye Color: blue
Appearance/Clothing: black hoodie, blue cargo pants, black sneakers and has the Roman numbral of 19 on his right wrist
Personality: He is very protective around girls, even with the stonger ones. Loves to listen to music. And he easy to get along.

Hexcilar's Story:
Hexcilar lived in Twilight Town while he and Roxas was recovering their memories. When Roxas disappears, Hexcilar starts having dreams about a storm at night on an island and then being a member of the Organization. Then he starts to judge what Organization XIII was doing was either right or wrong.
Then he went to the old mansion and there he found out that the boy that he always dreamed about was someone named "Charlie". He then heard that Xemnas was planning to get rid of him.
So his trust with some members of Organization XIII is thin. And he became one of the Nobodies that help Sora, Donald, and Goofy to get to "The World that Never Was". He uses his witchblade to control his Telekinetic powers. When he feels threated he will do anything to surive.
(you know there was a forum for this right?
this his Hex with his cousin Rikki. He is the one leaning on the wall)
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 Here's my Character. I am inaonyesha wewe my Character's True Name and then his Nobody. Hope wewe like it:
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my member is going to be somebody then nobody
name: Mark
Age: 22
hair: half inch dark brown
eye color: grey no elusiun pure grey
apearence: all white robes over pale grey pants combat boots and red leather gloves

story: Mark lived in Radiant Gaurdian his whole life with his his best friend Holl short for Hollow and his girl friend Alex short for Alexandria the day Malefecient comes to take over the world he is betrayed by Hollow Bastion (who the world was later named after)and was given his red gloves by Alex. even though Mark was new at using his keyblade he mad sure that Alex and the rest of the citiciens were safe with sid when he went to get Ansem the wise in the end though he was attacked by his father Braig turning him into a heartless of emense power that over ran the world resulting in a nobody.

name: Xrkma (Zerk-ma)
title: the red key
rank: number 98
weapon: death stars two lazer key blades simular to Xemneses swords_
powers: mind controll and darkness
Hair: sylver half inch with black streaks
eyes: grey with touches of black
apearence: organization XII cloak with out sleeves dark grey pants combat boots red gloves a tattoo of Alex over where his heart should be and the roman neumaral 98 on his shoulder
personalaty: angry at everyone except the girls extremly protective of everyone even his rivals and could be called a flirt even though his only memory is of Alex and their love despite these flaws everyone is drawn to him

story: Xrkma has been working his way up the organization later when he gets his way up to number nineteen who he quickly befriends unlike the other people in front of them Xrkma does not kill this member so when him and Roxas desipear he leaves to go find them and ends up helping a girl by the name of Aqua out of the dark realm allowing her to meat up with her friends Terra and Ventus who reminde him of Xemnas and Roxas in heart and apearence by this time he finds Alex and is able to regain his heart through her love

 my member is going to be somebody then nobody name: Mark Age: 22 hair: half inch dark brown eye colo