These are just little brotherly upendo drabbles...because Kowalski and Private are awesome as brothers!

It had been a normal day. Private was talking to SP. Cowtails was in the lab with Kowalski. Skipper and Rico were watching Shirtless Ninja Action Theater. All was well until an explosion came from the lab. Cowtails ran out, screaming. "Kowalski's gone mad!!" Skipper looked at her, unamused. "Who had this mwezi in the betting pool?" Cowtails scowled in frustration. "No, I mean he created some sort of virus...that makes wewe REALLY mean...and REALLY strong..and VERY abusive...he already hit me!"

Skipper just lifted his brow. Kowalski came out of the lab, glaring. Cowtails ran downstairs to warn SP and Private. Skipper stood up and began walking toward Kowalski,"I don't think that's a very funny JOKE, Kowalski-" He was cut off kwa Kowalski punching him into the wall. "Not a joke, wewe idiot!" He began furiously fighting off Skipper and Rico, eventually knocking them out. Then he stormed downstairs.

Cowtails and SP ran and hid under the bed. Private approached him carefully,"K-Kowalski?" Kowalski glared at Private, making him wince. "What, wewe Lunacorn loving brat?!" Private's beak quivered, but he didn't cry. Yet. "I th-think wewe should let C-Cowtails fix you...get the virus out s-s-so wewe aren't so m-mean..." Kowalski slapped him sharply,"THERE'S NOTHING ABOUT ME THAT HAS TO BE FIXED!" Private, now having a bright red mark across his face, began to let the tears fall. "K-Kowalski I thought....why would wewe hit me like that?"

Kowalski glared, and continued to hit, kick, punch, and insult Private every time he talked. All the while, Cowtails was under the kitanda with SP, forming some sort of dart gun to kill the virus inside Kowalski.

Private curled up in the corner, scared to death. Just as Kowalski was about to finish him off, Cowtails shot him in the stomach with the dart gun. Kowalski collapsed, unconscious. Private ran upstairs and curled up in his bunk, sobbing. SP and Cowtails came out from under the bed, very angry. SP asked,"You think the virus is gone yet?" Cowtails nodded,"And I can't WAIT to wake him up." She sat on his stomach and began slapping him repeatedly. VERY hard.

At some point, he woke up. "OW OW COWTAILS WHAT THE HECK?!" Cowtails got off of him and yanked him to his feet, explaining everything. Quite angrily. Kowalski looked down in guilt. "S-sorry..." SP shook her head. "No no. wewe don't have to apologize to us. wewe have to apologize to Private." Kowalski gulped. He slowly walked upstairs, and walked over to Private's bunk, feeling guiltier and guiltier each time he heard Private sob. Private glanced at Kowalski, and curled up more. "You're not going to hurt me are you...?" Kowalski sighed. "No Private...I'm really sorry...I shouldn't have let the virus control me like that, and I feel SO bad for hurting you..." He was now looking at the ground, thinking,'Private's never going to forgive me for this...'

He was taken aback as Private lunged mbele and hugged him around the middle. "Oh Kowalski!! I can't get mad at you!" Kowalski smiled a little, wrapping his flippers around Private. "Does that mean wewe forgive me?" Private looked up. "Of course!" Kowalski's smile grew, as he messed up Private's feathers.

Cowtails and SP were watching from the stairs doorway. They looked at each other, smiling, and high fived. SP whispered,"So cute!" Cowtails whispered back,"Were wewe talking about the brother love, au were wewe talking about Private?" SP blushed and Cowtails smirked. Both just looked away and continued watching as Kowalski and Private were now messing up each others feathers.