Kowalski couldn't fight back the tears in his eyes and he hugged Riley.
"Im so sorry Kowalski!" Private cried and hugged him.
Kowalski saw Rico's and Skipper's faces sadden. Finnaly he knew he had to leave her.
"Come on" he said, "We need to catch Blow Whole."
"Right wewe are soldier, Lets go!" Skipper alisema and took off out the broken lab. Kowalski gave Riley one last little kiss on the cheak, and took off after the others.
Not moving to fast infront of them was them was the airborn lab of Dr.Blow Whole. Lucky for them, Kowalski had a good eye.
"Look Skipper! Near the front of the lab! Theres a tube hanging down!" kowalski yelled.
Skipper focused in and saw what Kowalski saw.
"Good Job Kowalski! Now, All we need to do is get close enough to climb up!" and they all took off going fast as they could down the massive sand kilima on there bellies. Kowalski was eager now to destroy Blow Whole after Riley's claimed death. After a slpi secound of passing the hangging pole, Kowalski pushed up and flipped back, grabbing the pole and climbing up.
Skipper and Private's mouth hung open.
"WHOA" Rico said. Kowalski jumped up inside and the others fallowed.
"Oh Hello pen-go-ins! I see wewe fallowed me here! Pitty for you. As wewe should know, This ship is made of speacail materal! The only way to bring it dooown is for the engiouns to be clogged! Good lcuk trying to pic who to clog it!" And he turned his scooter around.
Skipper eyed Kowalski.
"Ill do it Skipper" he said, "Its the only way to save the world.
"No" A fimiliar voice called form behind them. Kowalski couldn't belive his ears and he turned around and saw his old pal, Riley stading there. Her body was still beat up ad she was limping.
"Ill do it, for the sake of the world".