It's afternoon, and the penguins are relaxing at HQ. Skipper is working on intensive trainings, Private is watching the Lunacorns, and Rico is looking at the "Kaboom Monthly" Magazine. Kowalski, having nothing else to do, decided to go to Doris and try to talk to her. Unfortunately for Kowalski, he is very shy, and he is afraid he might say something to upset her.
Kowalski stands behind her habitat, anticipating what he should say.

Kowalski: *Takes deep breath* Ok, here it goes.
Kowalski jumps up and stands at the rim of the large dolphin habitat, his moyo beating at a fast-paced rhythm. Doris was practing her backflips; gracefully twisting in the air and landing with perfect precision into the water once more.

Kowalski: Erm, hi Doris!
Doris turns around to see Kowalski fidgetly standing on her habitat.

Doris: hujambo Kowalski, how's it going?
Kowalski: Good- I mean great- I mean, um, I was wondering if wewe would, uh, want to go on a, *gulp*..... date? N-Not that I'm saying wewe should, um, I-I just was thinking we could go out and get some fish... b-but if wewe don't want to go that's fine I was- I mean- I'm just saying- um, good day.
*Kowalski speed-walks away, embarrassed and blushing.*
Doris: Wait....... what?
Marlene hops up to where Kowalski was standing with a smirk on her face.

Marlene: hujambo Doris! Did Kowalski try to ask wewe out again?
Doris: I think so lol! Kowalski is nice and all, it's just that he can be so shy and is not very.... "hip".
Marlene: I hear wewe sister. XD