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 History- karatasi la kupamba ukuta
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History (K-pop) karatasi la kupamba ukuta
karatasi la kupamba ukuta
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Min Yoongi is zaidi well known as BTS Suga au Agust D. He is also known to sleep all the time and rare to see him to be happy and active in their BangTan Bombs. This is an makala about his inspiration to his and their group's mashabiki and the meaning of his songs.

"On the other side of the famous idol rapper
Stands my weak self, it’s quite dangerous
Depression, OCD, they keep coming back again from time to time
Hell no perhaps that might be my true self"
"That time I, that time I
I thought success will make everything fine
But wewe see, but wewe see
As time goes by, I feel like I’m turning into a monster"...
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