What an unusual name wewe said
What a spectacular redhead
wewe really seem like a prize to me
And wewe are so mysterious
When wewe are not delirious
Oh, what wewe mean to me

And she said, how do wewe know me so well
After only one night?
How do I upendo you, tell me
With all of my might

I'm indebted to you
I'm indebted to you

There's something she doesn't know about
A secret he doesn't onyesha about
A sensitive sign on his arm, oh, my
She got her skeletons as well
Some secrets he knows she'll never tell
People who keep her alone

And she said, how did I know wewe so well?
Why am I not surprised?
He said, baby, go to hell
And that was the demise, of their love

Don't ever pick up the man
If wewe don't think he'll understand
Don't ever trust yourself if you
Have a history of being a loving fool

So, that's what she got when she married him
A lifetime promise to carry him
Him and his every sekunde of need

I do not know him so well
Not zaidi than that one night
Do wewe still upendo me, oh, tell me
With all of your might?

I'm indebted to you
I'm indebted to you
My love