wewe probably all know this kwa now, but Lea got her first Emmy nomination and we are so happy for her! Congrats to Lea and everyone on Glee for their 19 nominations! wewe can check all the nominations link.

Here are a couple of Lea nukuu about her nomination:

“I am beyond honored and thrilled to be nominated. The other women in this category are extraordinary actresses that I respect and admire. To be a part of Glee is a dream come true and the fact that the Academy acknowledged us in this way makes that dream even zaidi surreal.” link

Lea Michele was in such shock after learning of her first Emmy nomination — as lead actress in a comedy for “Glee” — that she had to go online to make sure it was actually true. “It’s one of those things where it doesn’t feel real,” she said. “The Golden Globes were so real this year. Losing to Toni Collette was the coolest thing that has happened in my life so I can’t wait for the Emmys.” Saying that Michele was ecstatic about the show’s 19 noms was an understatement, but what really touched the actress were the nominations her co-stars received. “The fact that Matthew (Morrison), Jane (Lynch) and Chris (Colfer) were all nominated — every time I say Chris’ name today I feel like I’m going to cry,” she said, adding that her song to mark the occasion would be Kool and the Gang’s “Celebrate.” While Michele didn’t have any specific plans to honor the nom, she did break her personally imposed ban on listing to “Glee” music. “I caved in and listened to ‘Glee’ on my iPod this morning,” she said, adding that she hopes writer-creator Ryan Murphy allows mashabiki to meet Rachel’s dads in Season 2. link