Gorgeous Glee nyota Lea Michele has revealed that she fell into uigizaji kwa accident.

She’s now been in the business since she was a young child, but she admitted it almost didn’t happen.

"It was a joke, I just went to support my friend,” Lea explained. “But I auditioned and I got it. It was total luck.

“At that point, I wanted to work as a waiter au in a grocery store - I had that fake grocery store with the toy chakula and money. I was 8 years old - but I auditioned for Broadway and I got it.

“And I went from onyesha to onyesha until I came out to Los Angeles when I was 21.”

The actress- who plays Rachel in the hit comedy-musical also revealed that she isn’t much of a shabiki of LA where Glee is filmed, saying:

“I miss [New York]…. I feel like wewe can't be yourself in Los Angeles. It's very pretty when wewe visit, but if you're a real New Yorker, it's hard to live in Los Angeles.”