Legendary Pokemon Journal Of Alisia, The Ledgendary pokemon Trainer

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Dear journal, As I made my way down the dirt road, I heard a little whine at the bottom of a creek next to the road. As I made my way down, I saw an egg-shaped creature, stuck in the steep water. As I removed the wet grass of of it, it seemed to run out as fast as it possibly could.
"Hey, where are you going!?" I screamed, running after the egg like creature.
It tripped over a rock on the floor so I caught up to it. It was a dragon like pokemon, but its egg seemed to be part of himself. As I am doing now, I shall continue to right the adventures I will discover while on the journey to be a Legendary pokemon trainer. Right now I hold 40 different species of pokemon in my pack. But now I hold a rarer pokemon, so now my count is 41. I shall call him Draggie. I made my way to a nearest hotel.
"Now, you listen here, Draggie, I want you to sleep in a ball called a pokeball, now, when I press this, it will move you to a room that you will soon find comfortable till I call you out for battle, or to train you. Okay?" I said, patting him on his little head. The next morning I went to the open feild next to the dirt road I was to follow.
“Rapidash! I need you!" I called to summon my Rapidash. She flashed out of her ball, "Yes, Alisia, is it time to duel, or train?"
"I need you to run." I responded.
"Running I can do, but I shall need a target to follow," she softly said with her smooth voice.
"Fine," I said as I pulled out another pokeball. "Now, what shall I call..Oh, I know..... Vulpix, come out, come out." I shouted. A burst of light came as she left her pokeball. "Yes, my human friend? What do you need?" she asked sternly, but sweetly.
"I need you to run as fast as you can into the feild, right over there," I pointed to the feild.
"Alrighty, then."
She ran, and ran, faster and faster.
"Can I go now?" Rapidash asked.
"We are going to do something even I don’t know how to do," I started, "I need to RIDE you. I know it sounds crazy, but if you put down your flames it will work, now, do you have enough faith and trust in me to mount you?"
"Yes, I have been with you long, and you treat us pokemon the way you would treat a loyal friend, and I have more than trust in you, I have loyalty towards you, so yes mount," she said, leaning down for me.
- Sunday, April 11, 2010 love Alisia (note: I shall right more once I get my pencil sharpened)
(Found a new pencil)
Continuing the story......
As I mounted her, she bolted as fast as an eagle could sore.
She soon caught up with Vulpix, and now we were running side by side.
"Alisia, I'm very tired," said Vulpix.
"Okay, I suppose it is safe to stop here," I said, looking around. I dismounted Rapidash. I then put Rapidash and Vulpix both in the pokeballs they came from.
"Draggie, come here little draggie," I siad in a soft voice.
A little beam of light appeared from the ball, and Draggie soon came into focus.
"Good boy! Now, we are here to train from a safe distance away from the country so you do not harm anything if you are that powerful."
"Draggie dragg," said Draggie.
"You can talk?" I asked.
"Dragg, draggie dragg," He said
"Okay, um, use Eggroll, now!" I asked, unsure if the power would work.
"DRAGG! DRAGGIEEE!" he screamed as he formed into a ball and rolled faster and faster till banged into a tree and split it right open.
"AWESOME! Wow, good job boy!" I yelled in exccitement.
"Dragg, Draggie Dragg," He said dizzily.
"Okay, pull yourself together, or do you need to rest?" I asked.
"Draggie no REST, Draggie FIGHT!" he chanted.
"Okay, Cubone? Nah, Kabuto? No. Aha! Togetic, I choose you!" I yelled, Togetic's dust came together to form the odd looking pokemon.
"Okay, when I say dodge, you dodge his attack, okay Draggie?" I said.
"Togetic, use Speed Dive!" I yelled and at the same time,"Dodge now Draggie!"
Draggie soon jumped up at least 20 feet or so, leaving Togetic to run into a tree.
"Togetic, you okay?" I asked.
"Togetic fine, Draggie pay!" he yelled, charging after Draggie.
"Draggie!!" Draggie yelled, makeing a bone cage surround him, acting as a shellter.
"Good job Draggie!" I told him.
"Togetic, return!" I said, as Togetic dissapeared into the mist, back into the ball.
"Its getting close to lunchtime for my pokemon, lets go Draggie," I said as he plunged into his ball, I think I am really going to get somewhere with this one, just maybe.

I walked, and walked, I could only see the feild,and a long stretch of grass, it went on forever.
"Pidgey, come!" I said, calling Pidgey, my birdlike pokemon.
"Raw, Pidge Pidge!" he said.
"Go fly up and tell me what you see," I commanded.
Pidgey flew up, up, and up. Then he came down, down, down.
"Pidgey see country side 30 miles from here, Raw!" he chirped.
"Wow, they ran faster than I thought!" I siad to myself, Pidgey went back into his pokeball.
"Rapidash, I need you!" I yelled, as Rapidash made her way out. I climbed on top of her and we ran and ran, till me and here where on the dirt road.
"I seem to enjoy to runn with no bounds!" she said, gallopingdown the road, towards the 'Poke Stand' where they have all kinds of food there, and its all natural, not thoese dry pebbles that have no flavor at all. I found, or saved Rapidash from an illeagle horse racing track, it was sad beacuse they beat, whipped, and hurt the horses till they went insane. I rescued here the day before they where going to race her.
(I have to put my journal down to order, I will continue tomarrow)
Dear journal, Today I had tought Draggie to throw fire-balls! Right now I am sitting under a large oak tree near the town Kanabee Ridge. It has a larger feild the the other one, and even a fresh spring where I can put my water pokemon in! All of my pokemon are out of their balls and now playing in the feild, even Rapidash is chalenging Nidoran. Draggie is curled up in his egg, taking a nap. I love the scenic view when you are near the tree, you can see valleys, and oceans, deserts, and meadows. I have been waiting to see my old friend, Archer, here for some time now. He had said he found Waylatt, a dark blood-hound! I've heard of them, but never really seen one. I called Archer on my Pokeball phone. (I got this at one of the suviner stores in the town I lived in)
"Hello, Archer. When are you comming?" I asked.
"Oh, yeah! I new I forgot something! I am so sorry, Alisia," he said, saying sorry so many times.
"It's okay, just get here by 10:00 tonight, or me and my pokemon will HUNT YOU DOWN, haha, I am just joking. Bye," I said.
"Haha, yeah, Bye..." as he hung up.

The next morning there was a knock on the door. As I awoke, Pikachu, or Araibee ( As I named him ), bounced under the bed. Vulpix opened her eyes, stretched, and went back to sleep.
"Pika- Pikachu," Araibee said, as he curled under the bed.
There was another knock on the door.
"Comming," I said, rubbing my eyes, almost blinded by the sunlight seeping in.
I made my way and opened the door, half awake and half asleep. My eyes widened, it was Archer! I gave him a hug as he entered.
"Where have you been?" I asked.
"I slept the night here beacuse you where already asleep, and also they had a lot of cheescake, the other thing I wanted to tell you is that there is a pokemon duel-" he did not say the rest beacuse he saw me get wide-eyed,"So you should start getting dressed, Its at 1:15."
I looked at the time, it was 11:30, I had lots of time.
"I have something to show you," I said, getting a pokeball out of my pack.
"You got a new pokemon?" he asked sitting on the bed, waking up Vulpix, again.
"Not just a new pokemon, but a new friend," I said hugging the ball.
"You say that about all your pokemon," he said, folding his arms.
"Yeah, but this on is specal," I said, as I saw Vulpix get jelious.
"Lets see it then," He said getting up.
"Okay, but not here," I said pushing him out so I could change.
30 minuets passed and I was done getting ready, I pickedup pikachu, who fell asleep under the bad, and placing him in the fanny pack I had on my shirt. He just flopped in there and snuggled deep into it. I went to the lobbie, looked at the time, it was 12:00, and paid the person behind the desk. Archer was sitting in one of the chairs, waiting for me.
"Finnaly," He siad, "Why did you take so long?"
"You know, beutty takes time, and time I have," I siad leaving, and Archer following me. I strapped my pack on my waist, and Vulpix was like a dog, right next to me. Archer saw some cute girls and showed them his Arkanine.
"Oh, please," I said, grabbing him by the ear.
I heard the girls laugh behind me, I smiling.
"What was that for?!" he yelled, rubbing his ear.
"Oh, please, they where just smiling 'cuse they think your, um, well, odd, they where actually laughing AT you," I siad as I spun back around, walikng with Araibee bobbing up and down as I walked.
"No, your just jelious!" he said, grabbing my arm.
"What? No, no, no!" I said as I spun back around, Araibee woke up,"Lets just go to the battle and forget it," I said, patting Araibee on his little head.
When we got to a street, I saw a huge stadium, one that I have never seen before.
"We are here!" Archer said excidedly.
"Pika-Pika!" Araibee said.
Vulpix Just looked up, widening her eyes.
When we got to the entrence there was a long line of pokemon trainers and duelers. We were finally next.
"Are you here to watch, or battle? We just have 2 more spots open," said the man in the ticket booth.
"I am here to battle," I said, patting Araibee, he smiled.
"State your full name, nickname, whatever," he said, looking up.
"Alisia, Alisia Ledgendary," I said, all pipped up and proud, Archer rolled his eyes.
"Your battle number, here," he said, handing me a strip of paper.
"Next," the man said.
"I am here to, um, watch.........." I heard Archer say, I had forgotten he had not packed his pokemon. At least he would see how god I was.
"Hey! You must be that Ledgendary kid everyone's talking about. Anyways, I'm Carter. My dad owns this whole arena. Cool, huh?," Carter said.
"Wow, that must be great, this is the first arena I will battle in," I said, as Vulpix cought up to me.
"Well, that's something special," He smiled.
We both waited in the room where other rainers where, getting ready. I was fluffing up Araibee's hair, he looked like a puff ball, I looked up and saw a tall blonde boy looking down at me. He was wearing a Blue armored shirt, and glasses the hung over his eyes, he had an astonishing glare.
"Um, can I help you?" I said, unsure.
"So, Ledgendary, what makes you think your so special? I Have been in every pokemon arena in the whole world, what makes you think your any better?" He said, placing his foot in the char and leaning down.
"What? I don't think I'm special, This is my first arena, so I guess you are, um, better than me," I said looking into the shadow of his glasses.
"Lets just see how good you are," He said, as he walked away.
I looked at the peace of strip paper, it read the letters;4-5-6-6-9-9-0-4. Araibee tooked the paper and snuggled with it. He was so cute, but I toguht him to be desiving. He looks cute at home, but when he battles, he battles hard.
After 12 battles or so, they called my number. I walked out to the arena, with my pack full of pokemon, and Araibee and Vulpix at my side.
"Trainers, get one of your battle pokemon out," The speaker called out.
"I call out my Onix," a voice I heard at the other end of the feild, it was that boy, from erlier, not Carter.
Onix pulled out from the pokeball, ready to battle.
"I call out my," I hesitated, "I call out my Draggie."
I heard a gasp from the audiance.
"A Draggie? Is that even a pokemon?" I heard the boy yell out.
"Well, for your information, it is, now lets fight!" I said, as I moved Draggie in for battle.
I heard a bell, it was time.
"Draggie, lock on target, now, use Eggroll!" I shouted.
"Onix, use rock attack!" the boy yelled.
Draggie hit Onix before he could react. Onix fell to the ground, defeated.
"Holy mackral! How did that thing do that!?" the speaker yelled out.
Draggie went back into his pokeball. Araibee’s mouth swung open, so did everyone else.
"She cheated, she totally cheated," hollered the boy, who I had won.
"Sorry, son, but this was a fair fight, indeed, Alisia Ledgendary will be moving into the final four, while Robbin Ledgendary will be moving along with Alisia," The speaker said.
"Hmph!" said Robbin looking at me, I new he didn't like me, but what did I care, well, I cared alot.
"Um, good battle," I said, walking with Robbin.
"I mean, where did you get that pokemon? I have been looking for pokemon like that, but, you just make it seem so easy. Now I am walking in your shadow, but, lets face it, even I think your really good at doing things that I try to do," He said, looking up.
"But, we just met 30 mins. ago, how did you know all of that?" I asked stopping him from taking another step.
“Uh, long story,” Robbin said, looking into my eyes.
I heard Archers voice behind me.
“How did you do that? Wow! That was so awesome-,” He said, stopping because he saw the look on Robbin’s face, witch was looking down.
I punched Archer on the arm, not hard.
“What? Gee’s,” Archer said, rubbing his arm, with his Arkanine by his side.
“Well,” I said, pointing at Robbin with my eyes, and looking back.
“Oh,” Archer said.
When we went back into the room, we where the only two in there.
“Um - I like your pikachu..,” Robbin said, rubbing the back of his head.
“Yah, thanks, anyway, about earlier, how did you know all of that?” I asked, looking into his eyes.
“Well, this might sound weird, but, I really do enjoy watching you, figure out things. I have been wrighting down every thing you have done,” he said looking up.
“Um, interesting. Thats not weird at all, so in some way, you like me?” I asked.
“Well, I don’t want you to know,” He said, sort of smiling.
The announcer called us into battle.
“Your gong to have to bring that pokemon into battle,” Robbin said, patting my back.
“Yah,” I siad back.
I looked across the arena, there where two kids, a boy, and a girl.
“Fair fight,” I said.
“Trainers, get out three of you most powerfull pokemon, choose wisley, you may only change pokemon twice,” the announcer said.
I got out Draggie, Onix, and Rapidash.
Robbin got out Raichu, Eevee, and Typhlosion.
“Good pokemon,” I whispered to him.
The girl got out Arkanine, Mewtwo, and Houndoom.
The boy got out Pikachu, Cubone, and Zubat.
I heard the bell, it was time.
“Alisia Ledgendary will be battling Layla Poke, and Robbin Ledgendary will be battling Bersus Poke, you may pick your pokemon you want to use for this round,” The announcer said.
“I choose Rapidash,” I said, patting her on her neck.
“I choose Raichu,” Robbin said.
“I summon my Arkanine,” said Layla.
“I call out my Cubone,” said Bersus.
“You may now begin,” the announcer said.
“Rapidash, us fire-flare on Arkanine, now!” I siad, pointing to Arkanine.
“Arkanine, use fireball, then dodge!” Layla yelled.
Arkanine dodged first, but failed to attack.
“You! You dumb pokemon, haven’t I tought you anything. Do better!” Layla yelled at her Arkanine, he looked very sad.
‘Will they win this battle?’ I thought to myself.

 Dear journal, As I made my way down the dirt road, I heard a little whine at the bottom of a creek n
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