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I opened my heavy eyes slowly. I looked up and saw the worried faces of my friends. They were smiling.
“Wh-what happened?” I asked, extremely confused.
“Dojo-Snakes. You- well wewe kinda fell off the mti fortress and then it fell on you…” Cole kinda hesitated on the last part.
“…Wh-How did I survive?” The ninja glanced nervously at each other.
“Er, well, wewe kinda, well, didn’t…”
“Urm… That makes NO SENSE AT ALL!”
“Well, we found some healing elixir…”
“You are hiding something.”
“Gaah!” jay sounded surprised, and scared at my words.
“Well, out with...
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posted by BubblesAndAce
Kai X Reader

Keys used:
(Your Name)
(skin tone)
(hair color)
(eye color)

The evening sunset had just cast its golden glow on the bounty's now-empty deck. Everyone was somewhere else, missing out on the sight as the bounty flew through clear skies, in full view of the glorious horizon in the early evening.

Then there was (Your Name), the girl who now leaned on the railing, ever-so-dangerously, and let the evening light bathe her (skin tone) skin. Her (hair color) hair bellowed as the bounty moved mbele almost magically. hujambo (eye color) eyes sparkled in the light.

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posted by nindroid
Carisa POV

As I followed after the old man, I turned to the young boy walking beside me. " So, I didn't catch your name." I said. " Mine's Carisa."
" Kai." Was his response. I really hoped we could get the girl back. She seemed very important to Kai.
"We are here." We stood at the bottom of a mountain.
" Where is here?" Kai asked. The man pointed up. " We have to climb this thing?!?" Kai asked in disbelief. I was kinda looking forwards to the climb. with a quick nod, the man began to climb. I followed him. Kai trailed behind. I decided to slow down, let him catch up. The man was at the juu already....
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posted by Actiongirl101
Hiya! I got bored and wrote bila mpangilio shit!

Action: *comes in wearing old timey dress*King Idiot! I bring new of good from across the land of the llamas!
Jay: What is this news madam bitch?
Action: TIME OUT! *Slaps the hell out of him*I AM NO BITCH! TIME IN! *back to proper voice* moto ngome has decided to wage war on wewe for taking the hand of King Sexy's sister.
Jay: TIME OUT! Why does he get to be king sexy? Why can't I be king sexy?
Action: *stares* Do wewe really want me to answer that Jay?
Kai: *jumps in with a crown* I WILL! I'm sexier than wewe that's why!
Jay: Who says?!
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posted by GabbyRaptor
Never reeally wrote one of these before.... XD Hope wewe enjoy! :3

wewe had looked up from the book wewe were kusoma on the coach. (If not comic XD) To see A red faced Kai.
wewe tilted your head. "What's the matter Kai?" wewe asked. "Training gone bad again?" A small giggle escaped your lips but Kai.... he was not amused. Not one bit. He just glared at you. One serious face. Hes brown orbs stayed connected with wewe (e/c) ones.
"Okay,okay. What up? wewe seem upset....." wewe finally alisema sighing.
"Upset? Upset?" his voice was getting higher....
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Okay, so this is something I see a lot on fanfiction sites. I've always wanted to do one for myself, just to see if it works out.

So, wewe request a character (and a plot, if wanted) and I write a reader-insert one shot about him/her!
(A reader insert is a story where the reader gets to be a part of the action. ie, instead of putting an actual name au eye and hair color, the mwandishi would write [name], [hair color], au [eye color]. Lie this: [Name]'s beautiful [favorite color] outfit went well with her [hair color] hair.)

So, I wanted to do this for Ninjago! Just maoni what character, theme, plot, setting. Really, all wewe have to put is a character, but just put the other stuff if wewe want.
posted by nindroid
Carisa POV

I could hear the other ninja's shouts. I tried to ignore them. I was training. They were playing a video game. wewe see, they had all learned spinjitzu, but I have not. I am Carisa, ninja of water. I do not know of my family, nor where I come from. I some times wonder, what is it that prevents me from doing spinjitzu? The other ninja have grown lazy. It has been a mwaka since the incident with Samukai. Sunddenly, the ninja's shouts became those of true annoyance. Suddenly, I sensed there was danger in Jamaikai village. I ran to the games room, were the ninja were running off.
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posted by BubblesAndAce
Cole X Reader

Requested kwa : link

Keys used:
(Your Name)
(hair color)

Risk Taker

"(Your Name), hold up!!!" Cole yelled.
The (hair color) haired girl just ran faster toward the big bridge. She was very excited that Cole had agreed. No one else on the bounty seemed to want to go bungee jumping with her except for her best friend.

"You hurry up, slow poke!" (Your Name) yelled, picking up her pace.
Cole hurried after her as she dashed onto a bridge.

(Your Name) set down a very heavy-looking bag beside her. She opened it up and dug through it, finally pulling out two thick green...
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posted by Actiongirl101
Action: Hello welcome to a new chapter of ANGR! Cool but weird acronym right? Read and Comment!
Chapter 1
13 years later

Katrina's POV

I was walking to school. It's my last siku and then it's off to months of volunteer work at the zoo, aquarium, animal shelter, pound, etc. I don't know why but ever since I was a...
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posted by electragarmadon
Misako's POV
i walked to lloyd's room and knocked "come in!" i walked into lloyd's messy pale green room and sat down on the kitanda inayofuata to him. "hi mommy" he smiled, he was in a adult body but was a child at heart, "honey.....i need to tell wewe something" i looked down shamefully because what i was about to tell him could easily break him, "son, wewe have a..." i just couldnt tell him! "a what? a brain tumor?! a monkey ?! a giant box of caNdy?!" he jumped up from his kitanda sheets exidedly i shook my head glumly "you....have a.....sister" i looked up at his shocked face...
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posted by nindroid
Zane POV

I stared at my brother in shock. I knew what what happened to him, but I never saw any snakes near him.
"He has been hypnotized!" I warned the others.
"Jay, try shocking him out of it!" Kai told Jay.
""Gaah. Sorry Cole, this is gonna hurt wewe a lot zaidi then it's gonna hurt me." With that, jay shot lightning from his nunchuks. Cole fell, eyes closed. He then shook his head. His eyes opened, and they were still red. He was even angrier, and flew at Jay. They collided, and jay flew off the edge. We all shouted his name, and Carisa ran to the edge. She peered down.
"He's oka-" She was cut...
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 when he saved the ninjas
when he saved the ninjas
one siku at ninjago..

Lloyd: come on guys when are we gonna do training?

Kai: in a dakika lloyd

Lloyd: come on guys hurry up!

Kai: ok..ok.. lloyd




Kai: no sorry lloyd

Lloyd: why do i always have to stay..?

Kai: sensei's orders

so the ninjas arrivedat jamanakai village

Kai: ok.. we're here..but where's pythor?

Pythor: hhahahaha...WELCOME NINJAS!

Kai: to what??

Pythor: MY TRAP!

Jay: Uh oh hypnobrai,venomari,fangpyre,constrictai,THEY'RE ALL HERE!!

Kai: we can see that jay!

Lloyd: why do i have a bad feeling abouth this..

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posted by nindroid
Carisa POV

I looked around, at the three ninja. Kai made the first move. He threw his tooth brush into one's mouth. The ninja then spit it out, and it bounced of his head, and finally went down the back of the third. Kai then climb on the ceiling, and I followed him. One ninja kicked at him and he dodged. the ninja fell. Another came, and kicked him so hard, he went though the roof, and landed on the other side of the monastery. I ran to the door, the ninja hot on my tail. I ran to Kai. "You okay?" I asked. He nodded. The ninja burst trough the door. Kai pushed the dragon button, and each ninja...
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posted by electragarmadon
Lloyd's POV

As the black smoke surrounded me I saw horrible image. "Lloyd!! Help me!!! My brother!! Augh!!!!" I looked around the darkness to see Zane laying on the floor with wires and batteries sticking out. "No!! Zane please! No!" I shook the lifeless nindroid a cried "Lloyd help me! Please!!" I heard my father's voice yelling out to me I saw him being taken over kwa darkness. His face becoming the same color as the pitch black space,and two limbs growing out of his side, "aaaaauuugh help me son!! Don't let the darkness take me" he turned into the overlord laughing maniacally "my son!! Please...
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posted by electragarmadon
Electra's pov

I swung my axe and he dodged it "die!!" I swung it at his neck,and he ducked,Lloyd kicked my knees and I fell to the ground, I know he couldn't hurt me but I still was scared, " I'm no longer SCARED OF YOU!! " he punched me and the whole pitch black room disappeared. I could hear crying and murmuring " my son! Oh your awake, I saw a woman help Lloyd up. I jumped up and elbowed the man in white.and felt metal and bit my lip in pain. I tried to run but a man with black hair held me back " oh father how are you?" I asked coyly "tell us Electra, why?" A white bearded man walked in...
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posted by vetyking14
it is morning in ninjago city


Kai: finally we can relax

Sensei wu: alright ninjas lets train for just 2 hours

Cole: sensei,do we have to??

Sensei wu: WELL OF COURSE wewe HAVE TO!

Zane: well it is a good morning

Jay: its good for wewe zane,you're a nindroid wewe dont get tired!

Zane: that is true


Jay: SNAKE!!

Kai: wow really that's our third attack this week

Zane: yes we know

Cole: then lets kick some snake butt!

Zane: i already told wewe guys that snakes do not have butts


Cole: lets just move!*got hit in the head* ouch

Kai: haha that...
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Carisa POV

I wrapped cold bandages around Kai. I felt awful. I was the ninja of water, and I can't even tap into my powers. I could have saved him from the pain. Kai stirred. I was surprised. The incident had happened a saa earlier, and I was replacing his bandages. His eyes slowly opened. He did not speak, only looked around. He looked at me. "Hi, Kai" I said. He looked like he wanted to talk, but he passed out again. I finished tending to him, and went to jiunge the others. They were training.
"How's Kai?" Zane asked.
"He seems to be recovering quickly. He woke up for a few seconds, but passed...
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So, im not even done the first story yet, so idecided to post a small preview. ill do one for each story when i get a fair amount of each one. p.s. "anthology" means a group of selected literary passages.

at the gas station, Cassidy had untangled the kiti, kiti cha ukanda and climbed over the stall. The bathroom door was locked, but the hinges we rusty and broken. So she removed it completely. In the main store, she looked for something to help break the door down. She found a pocket kisu kwa the counter, and picked the lock from the inside. It didn't work. She kept searching. Suddenly, a though accrued...
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jay plush POV.
It was night, my owner was getting ready to sleep, as i know it i prepare my weapons to battle with the nightmares, once my owner got to sleep, i prepare my self for the battle to come in this bedroom as my owner goes to sleep, i get ready, and the nightmares came out in a shadow form, " we have come for the young one" one of the nightmares say, "if wewe want my owner, wewe gotta get through me" i say, the nightmares attacked and i dodged them as i throw my shurikens at the nightmares, " Hah!, wewe are a foolish guardian, do wewe remember how many times wewe have been thrown away by...
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posted by Mockinjay1400
Chapter Nine: Finally!!!!!

Kai's POV
What?! Return the fang blades we can do. But without them noticing? How would we do that? They probably already realized the blades were gone! I mean, the serpentine are stupid and all, but if I know pythor, he can spot a fake blade from a real one. Nonetheless we tried our best.
"just like last time. Mikey, the guys and I will ditract pythor and the serpentine. wewe just get the fang blades back. Do whatever it takes." Cole explained.
"got it!" Mikey said. We jumped off the bounty, landed and headed toward the tombs. We took the same route, did the same thing....
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