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rachel713 alisema …
Hi! :) It's me, Rachel (XxXrachellXxX)! I thought about this for a while, and I decided that I would casually try to get back into fanpop, and I wanted to come say hi to wewe guys <3 if it's okay with you, I'd like to "come back", but if not, I totally get it! but it's been forever and I would upendo to hear what all of wewe have been up to! :)

Also, I'm not using the awali account because I both forgot my nenosiri and deleted the barua pepe I had connected to the original account. Oops :P ilitumwa siku 2 zilizopita
mooshka ametoa maoni…
Hi potato! Once a member of the family always a member of the family <3 siku 2 zilizopita
unicornsrreal ametoa maoni…
YAY RACH<333 How exciting!!!! upendo wewe always<3 siku 2 zilizopita
mooshka alisema …
Wow it's been a whole mwaka since anyone has ilitumwa on the wall.

Just for nostalgic reasons, HAPPY NEW mwaka LPF. I know this spots been kind of dead, but you're all always in my moyo and I hope this mwaka brings a lot of epic memories for all of you. ilitumwa mwezi moja 1 uliopita
Piu95 ametoa maoni…
HAPPY NEW mwaka everyone! And agreed with Moosh: even if the spot is not as active as it used to be, this has always been a special place and I'm so grateful to have wewe all as my Marafiki <33 And while it seems a little dead now, we can all come back to the spot & reach out ♥ mwezi moja 1 uliopita
Nicolas97 ametoa maoni…
HAPPY NEW mwaka GIRLS <3333 I upendo wewe so much!! yesss for activity mwezi moja 1 uliopita
Kirkir ametoa maoni…
super late, but HAPPY NEW mwaka EVERYONE <333 mwezi moja 1 uliopita
Kirkir ametoa maoni…
and please, never let this spot die completely! mwezi moja 1 uliopita
clarkcgriffin alisema …
I FINALLY GOT INTO A chuo kikuu, chuo kikuu cha GUYSSSS!!! 😭😭😭 ilitumwa zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
mooshka ametoa maoni…
YAAAAAAS CONGRATS!!!!! Super proud of wewe <3333 zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
rorymariano ametoa maoni…
WOOOHOOO <333 zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
Nicolas97 ametoa maoni…
YAASSSSS SIS <3333 zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita