13th of May

Hi, guys! Time for another article. I’m sorry ; I probably would have uploaded this a few days sooner if I’d had the time to make the final picks of the weekly stuff. But no matter! The article’s here now.


A lot of things have happened, in fact. You’re all very active, good job. But have wewe been busy? I feel like I’m swamped. Again, I apologize for the lateness of this article. Busy bee, I am.
Anyway, ale reported about an earthquake at where she lives. Not cool. Earthquakes are a pain. But gladly our Ale’s okay!
And Margot let us know she’s okay, and the reason she’s been absent is because she’s been obsessing over the Hunger Games. Understandable, me thinks. What is your take on the Hunger Games? Love? Like? Hate? Completely ignore and can’t wait for the obsessing to end?
Have wewe guys been having problems with fp? I sure have, a few times. So has Elle, as she said. Weird stuff.
Nad reported about something awesome happening with Castle. Well, I don’t watch the show, but congrats to the people who do! Yayy! Happy things inTV-shows are awesome.
Summer’s getting even nearer. I cannot wait. What are your inayopendelewa things to do during the summer? I have so many, and I find myself listing things I’ll be doing during the summer. I don’t know about you, but basically every onyesha seems the ideal one to rewatch during the summer.
And now, last but definitely not least on wallposts: Our Kir is back! She’s been having trouble with her computer and fp, but it’s all settled now and she’s back! Welcome back, sweetie, we missed wewe <333
Some new picks have appeared, and we have a new member amongst us! Her name is Albie and she introduced herself through a pick! I can appreciate that style, since that’s how I first did it, too. Anyway, let’s all give Albie a warm welcome! It’s great to have wewe here! <3
And a few other stuff: Moosh published the pick for the first round of the Best Song to Describe contest. Go and vote, and submit for the inayofuata round!
One zaidi thing with the updates. Have wewe read Ale’s FOTM interview? If wewe haven’t, go and do so. That girl really deserved the win, and I’m sorry for the delay of the interview, since it was my responsibility, considering that I was the one doing the interview..


This test is once again made kwa me. I hope it's ok! I got the idea from all the ship wars that have been going around. I’m sure wewe all know how much I dislike bashing on people because of the couples they ship. It’s really childish and lame.

Test how serious of a fangirl wewe are.

1. How much do ship wars affect you?
a) They affect me a lot. I’m constantly fighting over my inayopendelewa couples.
b) Well, I suppose I’m a part of a few ship wars, but I really try not to participate in any of the serious stuff. I just like what I like and don’t care what others think.
c) Ship wars don’t affect me, and I don’t care about them.
d) Ship wars? When did this test turn into one about history?

2. If someone bashes on your OTP, you…?
a) Rush to defend them. No one insults your ship.
b) Make a few insulting maoni of the basher’s inayopendelewa pairing, see how they like that.
c) I try to ignore it, but sometimes I can’t help but to get involved and it may turn into a bicker.
d) I don’t care. Let them say what they want, it’s their problem.

3. Are wewe currently following any shows on TV?
a) Yes! I’m following quite a few shows and always check promos and every spoiler possible before the new episode airs.
b) Yes, and I always look forwards to the new episodes.
c) Maybe a few, but it’s not such a big deal to me.
d) No, and I don’t care to.

4. When someone says wewe resemble your inayopendelewa character, you…?
a) Find it very flattering and cheer up quite a lot.
b) Thank the person. It was a nice thing to say.
c) Oh, they probably are just saying it to be nice.
d) Why would I care? Many people resemble many characters.

5. Do wewe ever express wewe fangirling in certain ways, like reading/writing fanfiction au watching/making vids?
a) Yes, I do. A lot of my time on the computer is spent doing that sort of stuff.
b) Yeah, I do do that sometimes, but it’s not really something I do regulary.
c) I may sometimes do that kind of stuff, but I’m not such a big shabiki of any of it.
d) No, I never do anything like that. Who’s got the time?

6. Are wewe active on the spot of your OTP here on fp?
a) Yes, I am. And I have a medal there. Doesn’t it go without saying?
b) I am active there every once in a while.
c) I go there occasionally, but no, I’m not that active.
d) I’m not even a shabiki of the club of my OTP. So… no.


You got the most A-options:
You’re a very dedicated, hardcore fangirl. wewe upendo what wewe upendo and everyone surely knows it.

You got the most B-opions:
You’re a dedicated fangirl, but wewe can also let go and not care, if necessary.

You got the most C-options:
I don’t know if wewe should be called a dedicated fangirl. wewe are a shabiki of perhaps many things, but there are a lot of things that are much zaidi important to you.

You got the most D-options:
No, wewe are not suffering from being a hardcore fangirl. Maybe it’s for the best. wewe don’t have to be anxious about every new episode/movie and wewe don’t need to worry about your OTP as much as maybe others do.

What did wewe get? I got the most A-options. Not a surprise, I’d say. No, not at all.

Now it’s time for another quiz. Last week the subject was me, this week it’s Moosh. wewe ready to know how well wewe know our awesome girly?

How well do wewe know Moosh?

1. What is her inayopendelewa food?
a) pizza
b) pasta, tambi
c) Cake
d) Burritos

2. What is her inayopendelewa scene for LP?
a) "Hey, baby. Daddy's home!"
b) "Our story already has the greatest ending."
c) "It's you."
d) "It's always gonna be there, isn't it? wewe and me."

3. Who is her inayopendelewa Fast and Furious character?
a) Mia
b) Brian
c) Dom
d) Roman

4. Which character does she relate to the most?
a) Haley James Scott
b) Jess Mariano
c) Peyton Sawyer
d) Rory Gilmore

5. What is her inayopendelewa band?
a) One Republic
b) All American Rejects
c) One Direction)
d) the Fray

6. What is her inayopendelewa country?
a) Italy
b) France
c) the USA
d) the UK

7. What is her inayopendelewa Brooke Davis ship?
a) Brooke&Chase
b) Brooke&Owen
c) Brooke&Lucas
d) Brooke&Julian

8. What is her inayopendelewa quality in a person?
a) Humour
b) Loyalty
c) Strenght
d) Happiness

9. What is her inayopendelewa color?
a) Green
b) pink
c) Red
d) Black

10. What is her sekunde inayopendelewa couple?
a) Rory&Jess
b) Freddie&Effy
c) Michael&Nikita
d) Holly&Vince

Count your score:

1st question:
a) 3 points
b) 2 points
c) 1 point
d) 4 points

2nd question:
a) 4 points
b) 2 points
c) 3 points
d) 1 point

3rd question:
a) 2 points
b) 4 points
c) 3 points
d) 1 points

4th question:
a) 3 points
b) 1 point
c) 4 points
d) 2 points

5th question:
a) 1 point
b) 2 points
c) 3 points
d) 4 points

6th question:
a) 1 point
b) 2 points
c) 4 points
d) 3 points

7th question:
a) 3 points
b) 4 points
c) 1 point
d) 2 points

8th question:
a) 3 points
b) 4 points
c) 2 points
d) 1 point

9th question:
a) 4 points
b) 2 points
c) 1 point
d) 3 points

10th question:
a) 3 points
b) 4 points
c) 2 points
d) 1 point

Now just count your score and look up the results!

1-10 points:
Okay, so wewe don’t know Moosh that well, but hey, it’s fine. It’s not too late to start.

11-20 points:
wewe talk to Moosh every once in a while, and wewe know some things about her.

21-30 points:
wewe know Moosh well, and maybe you’re good friends.

31-40 points:
wewe know Moosh very well! So wewe must be close.

What did wewe get? ;)

inayofuata time with a new LFer! Keep a look-out for a PM I might be sending wewe with questions!

Profile of the week

And again with the profaili of the week. And this week’s girl is…


Okay, so how do I start? I’m sure most of wewe know that Laura (leytonfaan_18) is one of my best Marafiki here on fp, and she’s very important to me. It’s always so fun to talk to her and she always listens and truly cares. In my opinion, there’s no better friend wewe could find.
Laura is our England girl. She’s 19-years old, and there’s no other thing she’s as well known for on the LF than her flawless taste in music. But that’s not the only talent Laura has. She’s very smart and she makes killer icons, even if she doesn’t get as much credit for them as she deserves.
And Laura also hosts the ikoni contest with me here on the LF. We have fun with it, planning it all and stuff.
As I’ve taken the habit now to mention the medals, I’m gonna tell wewe guys that Laura has 27 medals. Quite impressive. 6 dedicated, 17 die-hards and 4 fanatics. And what are klabu her fanatics in? Let’s go and see!
Robin Scherbatsky, Jess Mariano, How I Met Your Mother and Friends! Well, no surprise, I think. Laura is so well known for her upendo for Robin, HIMYM and Barney&Robin! But also Milo Ventimiglia. And of course Friends, which, she tells me, is her inayopendelewa TV-show. Laura’s a big freak on comedies. And I think that’s very accurate, since she’s so funny herself! Laura is often compared to Robin, aka Cobie Smulders, and also to our very own Peyton Sawyer, aka Hilarie Burton. I’ve always seen her as the Peyton of the LF, but she is quite alike with Robin, too.
As for picks, Robin&Barney usually appear as the ikoni to represent her. And why shouldn’t they? BR is in fact her OTP. It used to be Leyton, but she changed it to BR a while back. But it doesn’t mean she doesn’t upendo Leyton, too!
And Milo Ventimiglia is most definitely her man. Other candidates for Laura’s heart? Some would say Neil Patrick Harris, others would say Joseph Gordon Lewitt. Who do wewe think?
As a person, I can’t speak for all of you, but I’ve always seen Laura as a fair, calm and really sensible and friendly person. Of course she has her badass side, too, but she’s always very considerate and very loyal towards her friends. She’s that kind of girl who anyone would be so lucky to call a friend.
I don’t think I’ve got much else to say.. I just really think that Laura is totally epic and just someone who anyone can count on. My final words of wisdom are once again the same: Laurie, don’t hate this, won’t you? :P

Winners of the picks

Looks like it’s time to announce the winners of the picks again! This week it was the TV-show.

The TV-show of the week: One mti Hill! No surprise there, at all. Since the spot is called Leyton Family, and we all know what is the onyesha that brought us all together. Thank wewe for that, One mti Hill. You’re awesome!

Icon of the week: This week’s winner is Holly! Her ikoni is very beautiful, and it features Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger from the epic Harry Potter series. The story behind the ikoni is that holly requested the LF ikoni makers for ikoni of the scene where Ron returns to Hermione and Harry in the Deathly Hallows part 1. Celine made her this icon, and there wewe go! Nicely done!

Once again, do I give heshima for the winners of the weekly icons? I didn’t quite get a clear reply with the last article.

And I do hope you’re not too disappointed with this article! I promise I’ll work harder on the inayofuata one, I was just so busy this week, wewe have no idea. I apologize!
Thank wewe for reading, though!