Sorry if this sucks. And sorry it's not very long, I got way zaidi fic requests than I could have anticipated. And the art is not mine, ofc, it's from your gallery. I couldn't resist ;P


Amber and Sawyer met through mutual friends. Claire Littleton, who was one of Amber's best friends, one siku decided to set her up on a blind tarehe with her friend Sawyer. Amber was skeptical about this first, and she kept on being skeptical as she met him. He was older than her, he seemed a bit grumpy and bad-mannered, but there was something about him that fascinated Amber. So she stuck with him through the date, but afterwards didn't get a call. Nor did she make one herself.
It was a few months after the tarehe that they ran into each other again. They were both in the store, in the vegetable aisle when they were both grabbing the last red apple. Amber turned her eyes to the man trying to steal her apple, and she was taken back in surprise. She hadn't expected to see him again.
"Oh, hey, Amber, right?" he asked with a small smile on his face.
"Yeah", she said, stepping back a little. "You can have the apple if wewe want."
"No, I-"
"No, really, take it", Amber alisema before walking away. She didn't know exactly what she was afraid of. Maybe she was sad he never called her, maybe she was embarrassed she never did, au maybe she just didn't want to get into the mixture of emotions she'd felt the last time she'd seen him.
The inayofuata day, however, Sawyer showed up at the school where Amber taught a bunch of first graders. He politely waited until the class had ended before walking in, and all he did was set a red apple on her dawati with a small smile on his face. Amber just stared at him for a moment, and when she actually had recovered from the confusion, he was already gone.
But thankfully fate butted in yet again. A few months after this event, at Claire's birthday party, they ran into each other again. And this time Amber took the lead.
"Thank you, for the apple", she smiled.
Sawyer smirked. "You're welcome. I figured it was only fair."
"So, how have wewe been?" Amber asked with a small smile on her face.
"I've been good", Sawyer nodded. He wasn't sure what to tell her because he was under the impression that she didn't like him very much.
"Would wewe like to try again?" Amber rushed. "Like go on a tarehe again? Would that be okay?"
Sawyer looked at her in hesitation before smiling and nodding. "I'd upendo that."
And that is the story of how Amber and Sawyer properly got together. It took them a few weeks to start dating officially, and after that they started moving things relatively fast.
After five months of dating Sawyer moved in at Amber's place. It was an adjustment because of their different living styles and the fact that Amber's place wasn't the biggest in the world. Eventually they decided to get a place of their own together.
After a few months Sawyer proposed to Amber. It was just a casual night around the house, and he just popped the question. He even forgot the ring in his pocket.
But it didn't matter because Amber alisema yes right away. And Sawyer couldn't have been happier.
The wedding was a big, romantic church wedding. All of their closest Marafiki and family were there as they promised to upendo and respect each other for the rest of their lives.
For their honeymoon they went to Paris, the city of upendo (or lights? whatever). They toured the city, ate the food, and went to the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower. But mostly they enjoyed each other's company. And they both knew that even if things would get hard, they would still always upendo each other. They had gotten this far, and neither of them was planning to back down now.