Go read Inés' article, okay?
Now it's INÉS' turn!

My inayopendelewa things about her:

1) She's really unique
- Inés is definitely one of the most unique and extraordinary people I've ever met. You're not weird. I've met some shitty, weird people in my life and wewe are not one of them. You're really fun and different from most of the people I know, and I really admire that about you!

2) She's very independent
- I don't think Inés ever needs anyone's help in anything, and I think that's so great because independence is definitely a quality I admire in people! You're always capable of taking care of yourself, and you're very strong and wewe have an independent way of thinking and seeing the world and I upendo that.

3) She's really versatile
- I mean in personality. Sometimes you're really down to earth and calm. You've even calmed me down on a few occasions, and I really appreciate that! And then sometimes you're just really nice and sweet to everyone, which is great. And then sometimes you're super badass and strong and I really like that your personality is not just black and white, that's very cool!

Had to add an ikoni of her 'cause I'm still shocked that someone other than me knows that Finland exists!

4) She's not afraid to be herself
- wewe have every confidence in yourself and who wewe are, and wewe don't make apologies for who wewe are. That I admire incredibly, because that's not something I could ever do, but wewe do that daily and I think it's amazing. Really, I upendo that!

5) She's very creative
- Her ikoni and fanarts are amazing, we all know this! And lately I've noticed that she's a great writer, too, when she surprised me with a me/Robb fanfic (seriously, I never get surprises like that, so it made my entire month!), and I realized that she is also an amazing writer. I think you're basically really kick-ass at anything wewe do, honestly.

6) She's a good friend
- I'm sure we can all agree on this! Whenever wewe need her, she's there for you. She's done me so many favors and calmed me down and just really made me feel better, and I am very grateful for that! wewe really are a friend anyone would be very lucky to have!

One of the characters you're a lot alike!

7) She is open-minded
- I don't think Inés has ever judged anyone kwa default. I feel like she's one of those people who is open to anything, and doesn't "judge a book kwa its cover" and that is such a rare quality and I upendo that. It's also a part of what a good friend she is, because that allows wewe to tell her anything and know that she won't judge you.

8) She is confident
- I've already mentioned this but it needs its own number. Inés' confidence is admirable and I upendo how comfortable she seems to be in her own skin. Not a lot of us have that, and it's really a quality everyone should aspire to have, because it shows strength as well as many other things. It takes a lot for a person to be okay with who she is in a world where people are always going to judge you.

9) She's enthusiastic
- She's very enthusiastic about the things she cares about! Like her men au her ikoni au ADF, for example! I think it's awesome. Most of the time Inés seems really put together, just like Amber, but sometimes she gets really fangirly and it's awesome! And she is also very encouraging towards people and their own goals and ambitions, which is great.

10) She's caring
- Also a part of being a great friend. I'm pretty sure wewe can always go and talk to Inés and get some sort of advice au comfort from her, because she is a great, caring, protective friend who will surely make sure you're alright instead of dismissing your problems, like so many people do.
So all in all, you're epic! End of story.

My headcanons for you:
Actress I imagine wewe looking like: Katie McGrath actually, mostly because of the pictures I've seen of you. I kind of think wewe look alike!
#1 actress to play you: Arielle Kebbel
#1 character/actor ship: Enzo/Joseph morgan (and Klaus so much, too, but I wanted put both)
Character you're most like personality-wise & why: Lexi Branson. I don't watch TVD anymore, but I remember Lexi being really loyal and funny and an amazing friend, and also really brave. And I see all of those qualities in you! But ofc there are other characters like wewe as well!
You/Enzo and You/Klaus: I put two headcanons for wewe and Enzo and one for wewe and Klaus! But ofc I have more.
- wewe and Enzo meet at a bar au something and wewe get to talking and then wewe really hit it off, and wewe end up sleeping together, but the inayofuata morning it's a bit awkward. But it's okay 'cause after a few days Enzo shows up and asks wewe on a proper tarehe and that is the beginning of an epic relationship!
- Is Enzo a vampire? I'm gonna assume he is. Okay, so I see a kind of classic, gothic vampire story where a vampire meets a human and they start to spend time together but then Enzo puts wewe in danger with his vampire buddies and then he risks his life to protect wewe and wewe fall in upendo and it's awesome!
- wewe and Klaus as the little red riding kofia thing. He's a werewolf and you're a normal girl and wewe two fall in upendo and it's forbidden and awesome and all that!

One of your men!

Now write your inayopendelewa things about Inés!