And as cliche as it sounds, yes, they all lived happily ever after as a family.
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It had been a long time coming, Holly's pregnancy. She had always wanted a child, and when she met Derek, after a while it was all she could think about. But she wasn't sure if it was what Derek wanted, too. So she never asked. She did talk to her Marafiki about it, a lot, and what she didn't realize was that her Marafiki had boyfriends, and sometimes the boyfriends would hear some of the talks, and eventually Holly's baby fever came back to Derek. But he never alisema anything about it, either.
One siku she sat him down at the jikoni table, took his hands in hers and smiled.
"Yes?" Derek looked back at her, waiting, and there was a small smile playing across his lips.
"I... I don't know how to say this...", holly sighed. They had been dating for about three years, and it was most definitely serious. They were even living together. But what if Derek didn't want to take it any further?"
"I'm pregnant."
They were both silent for a long time. holly kept on looking at anywhere but at Derek, scared of his reaction. What came to her as a total surprise was when Derek grabbed her hands in his and smirked. "Really?"
holly looked at him in awe, especially when she saw tears at the corner of his eyes. Was Derek Hale, the man she had never seen get emotional, crying?
"R-Really", was all that holly could let out before Derek jumped out of his seat, walked over to holly and picked her up in his arms, kissing her.
"We're going to have a baby", Derek laughed between kisses, pulling her closer. For a moment holly was too overwhelmed to even respond, but eventually she did, and they ended up in the bedroom.

The 9 months were not the easiest ones. The first one went rather well, and Derek and holly spent it in bliss, shopping for stuff for the baby, kusoma parenting vitabu and painting the nursery. holly told all her friends, and of course they got very excited and all offered to babysit, if she'd ever need one. But inside holly thought she'd probably never let the baby out of her sight.
The sekunde mwezi was a bit harder. Derek had become so overprotective that he barely let holly reach for her own food, let alone do anything else. And even though she thought it was adorable, holly was growing a bit sick of the sentence "No, Derek, I don't need help going to the bathroom.". One night she even asked Stiles and Scott to take Derek out to a bar to watch sports au something so that she could spend a quiet evening with her friends, but he came back a half an saa later, saying he had been worried about her and the baby.
The third month, again, was a bit easier. holly had finally managed to convince Derek to stop being so overprotective, and they started going to the doctor's appointments and they started taking a few parenting classes just to make sure they'd do okay.
The fourth mwezi was almost exactly like the first one. They finished the nursery, they hosted a baby shower, they started talking about marriage after the baby would be born, and they started discussing baby names.
On the fifth mwezi they had trouble with exactly that: the baby names. They didn't seem to agree on anything. holly hated every single boy name Derek suggested, and every single girl name holly suggested sounded stupid to Derek. They argued, and one night Derek even ended up sleeping on the couch. But the inayofuata morning holly woke him up with a kiss, and they made up. And they decided to leave the baby names for later.
The sixth mwezi was a stressful one. They started thinking about the financial problems that would come with the baby. They had money, but would it be enough? Especially since holly would have to take time away from work to watch the baby for quite a while.
And also, holly was getting a bit hormonal because of the pregnancy, so she was always either hungry, angry, tired or... horny. Derek did not mind the last one bit, but the others posed a problem in certain situations. Once holly even fell asleep in the middle of Celine and Stefan's wedding reception.
On the seventh mwezi the realization began to hit them. They would be having a baby. A small, adorable, lovable little baby. And they would be parents. holly was alright with that. She had always wanted to be a mother. But Derek, he had doubts about how well he'd do as a father. He didn't know the first thing about being a father. When he told holly of his worries, she only smiled at him knowingly, kissed him on the cheek and promised that they would figure it out together.
The eighth mwezi went kwa fast. holly barely got out of the house now because of the pregnancy, and Derek was zaidi than alright with that. He even learned how to cook better as they spent most of their free time together. It was a blissful, happy time that gave them the real taste of what their life could be like once the baby would be born.
The ninth mwezi went kwa even faster than the eighth. Both holly and Derek were stressed about when the baby would be born, if something would go wrong, and how they would cope with such a life-changing thing. And when the time for the baby to be born came, they rushed to the hospital, and basically screamed at the nurse to find holly a room right that second.
And then they waited in the room for five hours before holly actually went into labor. Derek, of course, came with her, and thankfully everything went as it was supposed to. holly gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, and after a few days of thinking they decided to name her Elena. All of their Marafiki and family came to see the little girl, and they all took turns in holding her in their arms. But the best part was that at the end of the night holly and Derek were still the ones who got to go nyumbani with the baby. No one else.

holly was sitting inayofuata to Elena's crib, watching as the girl slept. She was beautiful, and she looked so much like both of them. She would be a beauty, holly thought to herself. She didn't even hear Derek walk up to her and sit inayofuata to her, she only noticed him when he planted a kiss on her cheek.
"What are wewe thinking?" he asked, whispering in her ear.
"I'm thinking that I'm very happy", holly smiled, leaning back a little and looking at her future husband. "Are wewe happy?"
Derek chuckled. "What do wewe think?" he asked as he pressed their foreheads together. "I upendo you. And I upendo our daughter. I've never been happier."
"Neither have I", holly said, kissing him passionately. When they finally broke apart, she whispered the words she meant zaidi than anything else in the entire world: "I upendo you, too."
And as cliche as it sounds, yes, they all lived happily ever after as a family.