Queen of Finnick/Sam & The Vampire Diaries

HOLLY: My bestie boo ♥ I don't even think i can explain how much i love Fatemeh, and all that this girl means to me. Fatemeh was one of four people that i reached out to one night a little over a year ago, when things were just really terrible, and her response and concern for me was just so touching... our friendship just exploded from there really. She's become one of my go-to people, i feel like if i ever killed someone, i could call Fatemeh and she'd say "I'm sure they deserved it. Tell me where to meet you and I'll help you dispose of the body." :D lmao not that i will ever kill anyone... probably!

ADE: I LOVE HER AND MISS HER <3 Fatemeh is true to herself and independent. She is not afraid to be who she is and I admire her for that. I love her snaps, these are always fun :) Won’t forget to mention how beautiful she is, seriously ! She is one of the member I’m the closest to and I’m pretty sure she’ll do good in the future because she is never afraid to look for jobs and work.

BEE: What a strong induvidual. She's so amazing and I admire her so much. My Hunger Games buddy<3 I've missed her so much over the past few months because she's always there for me and always brightens my day. She's so skillful and creative and she can achieve anything, I'm sure.

INES: TVD and AHS buddy ! We have some personality traits in common, we don't talk a lot, but I know she's always there for me. And her snapchats with Maryam and her sweet puppy are always so cute and funny !!! <3

NERMAI: She appears to be very kind and friendly. What I’ve seen of her in the group is that she is so creative, and her icons and edits are wonderful. I’ve seen that we have some things in common, so it would be great to know more about her.

ATIE: This girl is so fabulous.she's so charismatic and so energetic.She always makes me smile.She's so passionate and bold.I admire her spirit so much.She's loyal,brave and daring.and I'm really greatful to have her in my life.

JESS: Well she freaking PWNDS The Vampire diaries and every single character in that! ALWAYS.She's so nice and we used to write about TVD a lot and She also has a puppy, so yeah another buddy I can talk to about this <3

ELLE: Fatemeh!!! You are one of the few people I have gotten to know since coming back, and I have loved every conversation we have had. I love how you ship madge and gale with me, and how you are so close to getting me to watch Prison break. I love you and Sam/Finnick together and think you two make a lovely couple. You have a beautiful soul and I LOVE talking to you and learning something new about you. Thank you for taking the time to get to know me and to welcome me back with open arms.

MARIA: The model of the spot ,.I love talking with Fatemeh so much, she is always so funny and our fangirling moments are always precious . I admire how independent she is. Love you<3

NIC: Sexy naughty bitchy her! YES, she is our HBIC (and I'll always be jealous of her) and YES her attitude is 200% better than you. When you first meet her, you see her Kat Pierce side, ready to kill you with her looks, fashion sense and attitude. But once you get to know her, you see an Elena side, a great friend who will protect and support you through anything!

AMBER: Fatemeh is so passionate and dedicated to her fandoms and the things that she loves. She is so so strong and I feel like if I were in a fight I would really want her right beside me! I love how she’s always there to talk to, and she’s always so understanding and kind! Love you <33

ALINE: Fatemeh is just flawless. This girl is definitely going places and deservedly so. You're an amazing friend, who is always there for support whether is to fangirl or talk, love you <3 But I love that you can take charge while being loving and caring to those who are your friends, never change ;)

RACH: Fatemeh is one of my closest friends on fanpop. She is such a badass, independent, passionate young woman who I admire very much. She's very funny and extremely loyal and I know I can always tell her everything and I hope she feels the same way. I love it when we fangirl about our men, and I just... I LOVE YOUUU <3333

RANA: My sassy boo. Seriously never fails to make me smile. Anytime I’m feeling down or a bit sad I know I can text Fatemeh and she’ll be there for me no matter what. We have some of the best conversations and we literally talk about anything. Like I can even just text her randomly about what I’m doing and she’ll be all into it and text me back! I love this girl to death, my boo. Love you my Hanna.

KIR: You're such a great girl :D You have great taste in shows, especially when it comes to TVD and Prison Break. I love talking to you cause you're so sweet <33

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