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Pick one:
don't stop believing (original: journey)
we are young (original: fun)
somebody to upendo (original: queen)
mamma mia (original: abba)
let it be (original: beatles)
upendo song (original: s.bareilles)
i lived (original: onerepublic)
toxic (original: b.spears)
we are the champions (original: queen)
bohemian rhapsody (original: queen)
chandelier (original: sia)
my life would suck withou wewe (k.clarkson)
i'm a survivor/i will survive (mashup)
the scientist (original: coldplay)
loser like me (original: glee)
bad romance (original: lady gaga)
born this way (original: lady gaga)
keep holding on (a.lavigne)
 marakii posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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