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Bringing this over from the Leyton spot! We all contributed to putting this orodha of Leyton reasons together (although it was started kwa kelly!)..and I figured of all places, it should definitely be ilitumwa in this spot as well! TEAM LEYTON FTW <3

Reasons that Lucas & Peyton belong together

#1. Because he stops playing mpira wa kikapu just to watch her drive by. [1x01]

#2. Because he thinks "she's alright". [1x01]

#3. Because he loves her from afar. [S1]

#4. Because she loves him from afar too. [S1, S3, S4, S5]

#5. Because that's him inside her head. [1x01]

#6. Because he told her "all that", and they didn't even know each other. [1x01]

#7. Because she's not human, she's an angel. And she's his angel. [6x23]

#8. Because he could have fixed her car on sight, but he "just wanted to see her again". [4x10]

#9. Because he thudded her.

#10. Because she thudded him too.

#11. Because her art matters. [1x02]

#12. Because his art matters too. [5x02]

#13. Because "it has always been Lucas and Peyton". [5x07]

#14. Because they're "meant to be together, it's the way it's supposed to be". [5x07]

#15. Because "Tortured artist meets tortured athlete? Talk about your obvious attraction". [1x06]

#16. Because she "Sorta likes him". [6x08]

#17. Because he's "Kinda warming up to her too. And it's a good thing, since they're getting married". [6x08]

#18. Because they've "waited long enough".

#19. Because "Peyton Sawyer will become Peyton Scott"

#20. Because he's NOT leaving her. [3x16]

#21. Because she has a key to his house [4x06]

#22. Because the boy saw a comet

#23. Because he wrote a whole book about how much he loves her.

#24. Because he's always saving her.

#25. Because he's with his "other girlfriend" [3x10]

#26. Because he can't, and won't stay away from her. [3x22, 5x07]

#27. Because he can't live without her. [6x17]

#28. Because he deserves to be with somebody who loves him. [4x08]

#29. Because she really loves him, and it's a big deal. [4x17]

#30. Because he really sees her, right down to her soul. [1x14]

#31. Because he came back for her, twice. ["What? and miss out on being with you?" // "I never told Peyton I upendo her. I wanna go back"]

#32. Because she'll wait forever if she has to. [1x14]

#33. Because no matter how long it takes, he'll wait for her. [4x11]

#34. Because Peyton's the greatest thing he has in his life. [4x12]

#35. Because he thinks she needs somebody special in her life. [4x06]

#36. Because she's already got somebody special in her life, she's got him. [4x06]

#37. Because he never alisema he loved the cure, he alisema he loves kissing her to the cure. [6x21]

#38. Because he always knew her. [6x15]

#39. Because the world isn't watching her, but he is. [1x04 // webcam]

#40. Because he's willing to break the law for her. [1x04]

#41. Because Peyton happened to be there, but he chose to be there. [4x09]

#42. Because she would have aliyopewa anything to hear him say her. [4x09]

#43. Because he wants everything with her, he wants it all. [1x07]

#44. Because she wants all the same things that he wants, and she wants them with him. [1x09]

#45. Because she's perfect. They're perfect. And that night was... perfect. [4x20]

#46. Because they have a upendo so strong that no person can come between it. [4x08 // Whitey's speech]

#47. Because he knows that she's destined for greatness.

#48. Because none of the great days of his life, matter without her. [5x05]

#49. Because he wants them to be together forever. [5x05]

#50. Because now Keith's ring is right where it belongs. And it will be forever. [6x15]

#51. Because he HAS to be with her. [1x13]

#52. Because he feels it in his heart. [1x13]

#53. Because she feels it too. [1x13]

#54. Because Brooke's great, but she's not Peyton. [1x13]

#55. Because she lived a good life, but she could never let go of him. [4x10]

#56. Because they're epic, in every century. [40's episode]

#57. Because he DOES upendo her. [3x17 "Because I do, Peyton"]

#58. Because she knows how he is, she's the same way. [3x17]

#59. Because that someone is out there, and that someone will find you. [4x01]

#60. Because it's always gonna be there, her and him. [3x01]

#61. Because they're an epic upendo story. [Lindsey & Brooke references in 5x12 // 6x08]

#62. Because he loves being THAT guy for her. [3x10]

#63. Because he'll be seein' her. [1x01 // 1x21]

#64. Because she'll be seein' him. [4x09]

#65. Because he would never cut her out of his life. [4x04]

#66. Because she helps him so much, without saying a word. And he loves her. [6x03]

#67. Because he wouldn't miss this for the world. [6x16]

#68. Because they're "just a boy and a girl, alone but together, in this place called.. mti Hill". [6x16]

#69. Because she's loved him since the moment they locked eyes. [5x08]

#70. Because he's loved her since the first time he saw her. [6x23]

#71. Because if what he wants, is for her to let go, then she's gonna do it. [5x08]

#72. Because sometimes people write the things they can't say. [5x18]

#73. Because he'd do anything for her. [4x17 // 6x07]

#74. Because she's "attached to his hip". [4x12]

#75. Because he's had the biggest crush on her for years. [4x12]

#76. Because he'd gladly erase his dad, if it would bring back her mom. [1x05]

#77. Because he doesn't want her to ever leave him. [6x11]

#78. Because he had a dream that something happened to her, and he can't live that life. [6x17]

#79. Because they can adopt. If her parents hadn't adopted, they never would have met. [6x17]

#80. Because he wants her to be his wife, because he loves her. He loves her with all his heart. [6x22]

#81. Because they still have their whole lives in front of them. [6x21]

#82. Because he proposed... 4 times.

#83. Because she's the one he wants inayofuata to him when is dreams come true, AND she's the one he wants inayofuata to him if they DON'T. [5x05]

#84. Because there's zaidi important things in life than basketball. [5x05]

#85. Because they have their own song.

#86. Because they have their own spot.

#87. Because she wants baby Sawyer to "take very special care of her father". [6x22]

#88. Because she promised that they would have a happily ever after, and she "always keeps her promises". [6x21]

#89. Because he's gonna hold her to it. [6x21]

#90. Because we didn't say it didn't sound crazy. But the look in his eyes tells us he believes it. [4x05]

#91. Because he wants to be selfish with her. It has been way too long. [6x01]

#92. Because it's just a dream right? It's her dream. [5x18 // 6x01]

#93. Because she wants hope, and she wants Lucas. [5x13]

#94. Because she made him believe in "the immensity of love". [5x18]

#95. Because he kept a box of Peyton's stuff.

#96. Because they just spent the last couple of days together, happier than either one of them can remember. [6x02]

#97. Because he's happy? They BOTH are. [6x02]

#98. Because true upendo always.

#99. Because Molly lives vicariously through them. [5x08]

#100. Because wewe don't forget your first love. [4x08]

#101. Because he always knew which one to pick. [6x01]

#102. Because she's his "queen". [6x01]

#103. Because upendo finds you, wewe don't find love. [6x01]

#104. Because he knows he made the right choice. [6x01]

#105. Because if he wants to believe he had a choice, he made a good one. She showed up. [6x01]

#106. Because he's a mess. But he's her mess, and she loves him. [6x01]

#107. Because it didn't mean anything? ofcourse it did. [1x12]

#108. Because she loves him enough to help him get brooke back. [4x02]

#109. Because "it's been a long year, and they're finally ready to be here" [6x13 coda scene + song lyrics]

#110. Because when he fixed her car, he fixed her heart. [5x12]

#111. Because he knows that bartender isn't good enough for her. [5x04]

#112. Because the comet is "worth zaidi than wewe know". [6x20]

#113. Because she still has feelings for Lucas. [3x21]

#114. Because Lindsey watched how caring, and meticulous he was with the words he chose for her. Like he was still holding on to her. He still is. [5x09]

#115. Because his other girlfriends are intimidated kwa her.

#116. Because "tracks 8 & 11" make her think of him. [1x11]

#117. Because "Tracks 8 & 11?" Totally her. [1x11]

#118. Because does she think about him much? Lucas? "Everyday." [5x13]

#119. Because he just wants her to be happy. [4x20]

#120. Because she just wants him to be happy too. [5x08 // 5x15]

#121. Because getting detention together was "so worth it". [4x12]

#122. Because she looks like she could use some chocolate. [2x21]

#123. Because Brooke thinks he "looks nice", but he thinks Peyton "looks nice". [3x22]

#124. Because the rest of the world has been waiting on them since high school. [6x02]

#125. Because she flies all night, and he still thinks she looks amazing. [6x01]

#126. Because she could live off of that, she missed that. [6x01]

#127. Because he still has her, and that's all that really matters. [6x06]

#128. Because that book brought them back together, so it's the best thing he's ever written. [6x06]

#129. Because this is good isn't it? Them? It's perfect. [4x09]

#130. Because holding her for a couple zaidi dakika is what's going to fix him. [4x20]

#131. Because no matter what happens to either one of them, she will always be in his heart. [4x19]

#132. Because he won't be running a marathon anytime soon, but he can still go to class and daydream about his new girlfriend. [4x11]

#133. Because the last time they kissed it was so damn good it gave him a moyo attack. [4x11]

#134. Because he used to watch her. [4x02]

#135. Because for the past 4 years she's felt that there's this vital piece of her that's been missing. [5x08]

#136. Because when he kissed her, her entire universe snapped back into focus. [5x08]

#137. Because she brought "direction", "beauty", and "meaning" to his life.

#138. Because she alisema the lyrics "the stars are crying for what we could have had" reminded her of Lucas. Oh wait... she meant Jake. Riiiiight ;) [3x14]

#139. Because every time she sees that stupid book, she buys it. [5x06]

#140. Because he was looking when she kissed Chase. And he drank afterwards. [5x11]

#141. Because when she told him she loved him during the school shooting, "on some level, he knew it was true". [4x16]

#142. Because she will always upendo him. [4x21 // 5x18 rivercourt painting]

#143. Because he will always upendo her. [championship quote // 4x20 yearbook signing]

#144. Because she's "good with words, and pain, and... Lucas". [3x08]

#145. Because he had two girlfriends, one was all about fun, and the other... he had this huge emotional connection to. [1x16]

#146. Because he punched Julian. That was him not being jealous. [6x10]

#147. Because she has been so strong, and so good to him, when he strayed from them, so he's going to try to let go of it. [6x10]

#148. Because besides, who wouldn't fall in upendo with wewe Peyton Sawyer? [6x10]

#149. Because he alisema she was great. He alisema that she could be great, he alisema they were destined to be together. He alisema it to her, he alisema it to the world. [5x06]

#150. Because in that moment, his triumph was not a state championship, but simple clarity. [4x09 // 5x08]

#151. Because Skills remembers their days back on the rivercourt, when Lucas "used to talk about how Nathan wasn't good enough for P.Sawyer, and how he planned on stealing her away". [6x23]

#152. Because if he wants her to stay, she'll stay. [4x21 // LA internship]

#153. Because the boy Brooke loves protected the girl that she loves. And it's the girl that he loves too. They both know it's true. [3x17]

#154. Because he DOESN'T hate her. [5x18]

#155. Because he remembers the first time he ever saw her. [5x18]

#156. Because it was hard letting her go. It was hard losing her, and it was hard seeing her again. It's still... really hard. [5x18]

#157. Because he feels lost, he doesn't know what to do without her. [5x05]

#158. Because she told everyone that she didn't come back for him, but she did, ofcourse she did. [5x07]

#159. Because he's always saving her, and she wants to find a way to save him. [4x10]

#160. Because if anyone could make a chokoleti chip cookie taste better, he's sure it's her. And because this is "the best cookie he's ever had". [4x12]

#161. Because how would she like to just be happy? She thought he'd never ask. [4x12]

#162. Because tonight, he gets to go nyumbani to Peyton. Sounds like a pretty good day. [6x06]

#163. Because he always thought when he found out he was going to be a father... he'd be "older, and settled, and... in love". [1x19]

#164. Because she's having his baby, their baby. They're pregnant. [6x13]

#165. Because do wewe know how hard he worked to get his yearbook in front of her? And she signed her damn name. He was crushed. [4x17]

#166. Because Lucas Scott and Peyton Sawyer made it, they're together. It's inspiring. [6x08]

#167. Because their story already has the greatest ending, no matter what. Because they're together. [6x17]

#168. Because he doesn't want to go to kitanda angry at each other. [6x07]

#169. Because she's starting to like his side better, and he was just about to say the same thing. [6x07]

#170. Because don't worry about her? wewe know he will. [6x08]

#171. Because a kiss always means something. [3x16 // 3x22]

#172. Because he loves her legs, even if they are "a little chickeny".

#173. Because he's got a "nice shot", and she's got "nice... everything". [6x08]

#174. Because he left Brooke during her time of need, in order to keep a promise to Peyton. [3x10]

#175. Because she painted the entire rivercourt for him. [5x18]

#176. Because being the third person in a Lucas/Peyton upendo triangle... usually doesn't end well. [6x10]

#177. Because he was now, and would always be, in upendo with Peyton Sawyer. [5x08]

#178. Because he knows they are meant to be together [5x08 // The realization that we had always been meant for each other]

#179. Because he knows that she has a thing called integrity, and nothing au no one is ever going to change that. [5x01]

#180. Because he's the first thing she thinks of when she wakes up. [5x14]

#181. Because most guys aren't Marafiki with their exes. But "Peyton's different".

#182. Because it's clear in the book that if you're not Lucas au Peyton, wewe should just forget it. [6x10]

#183. Because there's one thing missing from Peyton's memory box for Sawyer... their wedding photo. [6x22]

#184. Because Haley now pronounces them man & wife, and Lucas can kiss his bride? "Finally!" [6x23]

#185. Because 'Peyton Scott'? She loves the way that sounds. [6x23]

#186. Because Lindsey wants him to stop being in upendo with Peyton. Looks like they're both screwed. [5x07]

#187. Because Peyton had her Lucas-stealing face on as soon as she met Brooke at the airport. What Lucas-stealing face? ...The only face she's got. [5x07]

#188. Because hearing their child's heartbeat for the first time was exactly what he needed to hear. [6x16]

#189. Because Jake doesn't want to believe that there was another guy in her heart, but he thinks that there is. And he's right. [3x21]

#190. Because Peyton was right, when she accused Lucas of being a crappy friend. He NEVER wants that to happen again. So if she needs anything, he's around. [2x21]

#191. Because if continuing with this pregnancy means he loses her... then they end it. How is he supposed to feel about the child that took her away from him? [6x17]

#192. Because how can this be fate? Maybe it is. maybe the whole point of him, and her, and every single moment that they've shared together... has just been leading them here. [6x17]

#193. Because Peyton gets it. The fear of letting people in, getting close to somebody and then it just... not working out. [4x02]

#194. Because Peyton wishes she could take back that day, for his mom and Keith. And she wishes she could take back their kiss, for him and Brooke. [4x01]

#195. Because until the detectives find psycho Derek, he's salama with her. He promises. [4x05]

#196. Because he knows it's not fair. Peyton, all these bad things keep happening to her. But "a lot of good things happened to her too". Like him. [4x10]

#197. Because on the contrary to what may be written on her wall, people don't always leave. Last time Lucas checked, he's still here. [4x02]

#198. Because think about every person that Peyton's gotten close to— her mom, Jake, Ellie, Derek. Where are they all now? Even her dad works a thousand miles away. But "none of those people are Lucas". [4x11]

#199. Because this is Lucas, the boy she's been telling her mom about. And look what he's done, he's got her smiling. Can wewe believe it? [4x12]

#200. Because she never alisema no! She alisema that she loved him, and that she DID want to marry him someday. [5x06]

#201. Because he can't even choose a mpira wa kikapu for his movie without thinking he's making the wrong decision. Much less a 'Peyton'. [6x16]

to be continued..... <3
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I know a lot of wewe upendo leyton for some reason but I never was a leyton fan, for so many reasons but the main/big reason is it’s FAKE don’t hate me because it’s a fact, here’s how it’s fake: Lucas had always had a “thing” for Peyton but it was from a distant he never actually talked to her au knew her interest au anything about her. Neither did she Peyton in a later season says the first time she saw him she fell for him (where that come from she has been seeing him her whole life they were in the same school since they were kids, so when exactly did she fell for him???).

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