LGBT Fighting Againest Anti-Gay nukuu and Actions

Heroine999 posted on Oct 08, 2012 at 08:06PM
Type down a anti-LGBT quote.After that,type down your own quote against the anti-LGBT quote.If you want,post a link that proves the anti-LGBT quote wrong.Ex:
"Homosexuality is a sin"
Homosexuality is not a sin.The verses are not that of God.God would not say nor do such horrible things.He would not say"abomination" nor judge a human being.He would not say such ignorant things.These characteristics aren't of God but of a human.And thoses who say that they are Christian,etc, and say anti-LGBT quotes then they are not true people of the religion.They are taking the wrong path.And I hope that LGBT's know this and that God isn't an excuse to these evil quotes and actions against.They know very well that they are being evil.To know that we are not sinners go to this website to read this article.

LGBT No majibu