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 Season 2 Cast Promotional picha
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I don't know what to call this article, because I just need to get this out of my system. wewe don't have to read this, no one is making you. (Unless wewe happen to be Tim Roth, and tied to my chair with duct tape over your mouth, then ya, I AM forcing wewe to read this) But in the HIGHLY unlikely event that wewe are...(for now)...feel free to leave at any time.

So...Lie to Me*. It has aired 4 episodes so far, and already each of them are single handidly better than all episodes of House combined. There is something about this onyesha that will have a huge impact on my life, but I'm never going to...
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hiii!!:) lol

Well, I don't any Twitter au Facebook account, cauz my parents--' But, I'd like to help to save Lie to me.
So, help me, Share my pictures on your accounts, please..

Thank wewe very much:D

( I did those pictures with my cellphone XD)

I'll maybe add some other pictures, but I don't know when... I'll add a fic too, about Callian ( of course, that's my pseudo lol^^) you'll can read it when it will be on the callian spot:)

On 16th May, We will know if there will a 4th season, Keep your fingers cross:)
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cal lightman
gillian foster
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season 2
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