Looney Tunes Which Character Are Wewe Most Like?

Pick one:
bugs~ smart, sneaky, cool, funny, and wewe upendo carrots lol
daffy~ wewe are silly, funny, wewe talk with a lisp
peppy lepu'~ wewe are into romance, wewe are always looking for a mate
taz~ wewe are crazy as hell, loud, wewe are blunt, ppl dont understand wewe
foghorn leghorn~ wewe are cool, wize, ppl come to wewe for advise
roadrunner~ wewe are fast, perky, and wewe upendo to play tricks on ppl
willy coyote~ wewe are grumpy, wewe are always trying to get something
porky~ wewe are smart, wise, wewe snort when wewe laugh
miss prissy~ wewe are pretty, wewe have men chasing wewe a lot
speedy~ wewe are fast, bright, cute, small, get out of trouble easily
sylvester~ wewe are smart, a little coniving, wewe spit when wewe talk
tweety~ wewe are cute, wewe upendo yellow, ppl think wewe are really sweet
Lola Bunny - loopy, goofy
Lola Bunny - loopy, goofy
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