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Why is The Flame at an "Alleged location" according to the Blast Door Map?

Radzinsky worked in The Flame, and drew the Blast Door Map, so he would know exactly where it was from The Swan.

If we assume that Kelvin added the location of The Flame, in 1991 some time after arriving on The Island with DHARMA, he could have got the information from Radzinsky whilst they were hiding from The Others and surviving The Purge.
 Why is The Flame at an "Alleged location" according to the Blast Door Map?
 PkmnTrainerJ posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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Lost Majibu

Mrs_Bungle said:
It could be that Kelvin was the one who added it, and that when Radzinsky told him about it he was already losing it, so Kelvin may have thought he (R) was insane and rambling about a station that wasn't there, but put it on the map anyway just in case he (R) was telling the truth?
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posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita 
This is a good theory. But I think there's zaidi to it than that. There are multiple simplistic explanations like this that make equal sense. I can't help but think the answer lies in the fact that some of the uandishi on the blast door map is in Latin, some English. Why and how did either of them know Latin? The language is indicative of being an Other. The "alleged location" line was written in English. I can accept Kelvin being an Other infiltrator but not Radzinsky. But R knew exactly where the Flame was (we saw him in it). Why would R write alleged location? Was he trying to keep K for knowing where it is? Back to who knew which language... The key is in answering this swali I believe.
gregaus posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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