upendo is something that we cannot see, hear, smell, touch au taste. We can only feel it as best we can. upendo is infinite. There is no end.
It's something that a human cannot decide upon au change. wewe can't make yourself upendo someone au make yourself not upendo someone. If wewe feel it, then wewe know it.
upendo is unpredictable. wewe don't know when it will hit wewe au when it won't. It'll just happen. It's like finding a five dollar bill on the street: It'll be hard to find, but wewe will, in time.
wewe can't wait for love. wewe can't strive hard to find it. Just try, but don't put your all in it. Cause upendo will want to hit wewe when wewe are least expecting it.
When wewe are in upendo with someone wewe don't try to please them. wewe don't buy them fancy things, au anything materialistic. wewe just upendo them as best wewe can.
When wewe find someone wewe upendo deeply but wewe can't have, all wewe can do is be happy for them. Don't try to win them over. If wewe really upendo them, you'd let them be happy. What ever that happiness may be.
upendo is the only thing in this world that keeps man-kind together. It is what's holding us together. Without it, where would be be?

It's the brief and simple definition of love. People make upendo so complicated, when it's as simple as that.^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^