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posted by Lovedreamer96
~Chapter 1~
Meeting the Government Guys

I woke up to the sun shining in my face. I slowly got out of my kitanda and walked to the kitchen. As soon as I poured maziwa in my cereal, I heard a knock at my door. 

I walked over to the front door and looked out the peep hole. Two men in business suits were standing on my front porch. One of them had a big bushy mustache and the other one had a bald head. I guessed they worked for the government. 

I opened the door and alisema "Well, hello. Why are wewe knocking on my door at eight o'clock in the morning?"

The one with the mustache gave me a dirty look and said...
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posted by sshannahmontana
In our country we say that love(in our language)
But in foreign countries we say that love
In mathematics is 1500 love
In science is the experiment
In Geography it is called upendo boundaries
In history we called it Romeo and Juliet to say to express our upendo i mean in my country.
This is the poem I wrote.It is called upendo matters

When the first time I saw u I don't know how I felt
But later I fell in upendo with u
I saw u in this timebut I upendo u this whole life
wewe r only my moyo that belongs because of the misery pieces inside my heart
wewe complete the puzzle of my moyo but that is when only the upendo is matters.

Sorry if u don't like this au not that is how I felt about my crush when I first saw him.
posted by merzycullen
your gone for good
out of sight
out of love
never easy saying goodbye
knowing inside that you, my love
may not come back.

gazing at each other
realizing how much we love,cherish and desire
one other
his eyes so much like his soul
so strong and confident
yet so soft and gentle.

instanly i realized how
I couldn't let go
not only of him,
but of the feelings of upendo and desire,
admiration and devotion
that i knew i felt for him
and i couldn't deny, no more
at the same instant i knew i was too late
too late to say those words that
i was dying to say.

leaving he was, after everything i've done
to make him stay
no more...
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posted by halunik
“Ok, dear, see wewe soon” I hung up and entered my house.
I spent some time helping my mom with some house work and at 3 pm, I started preparing my costume for a concert. Natalie showed up at 4 pm. I prepared some fresh and my door kengele rang. I rushed to open the door. But my mom already opened it. Natalie was whispering something to my mom. When she noticed me, she made a poker face and my mom turned to me:
“So, Lily, you’re going to spend 2 days at Natalie’s. I’ll ask dad to drive wewe both. But don’t stay long at night and don’t drink any alcohol, ok?” And she went to the kitchen....
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Angel- Dave Matthews
dave matthews
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