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the crisp smell of damp nyasi follows us
as we walk side kwa side
under the bright light of the smile that a crescent moon is giving us
the raven black of the soft thick curls that frame your ever so soft dark eyes
reflects that silver light

you tell me that the night is ours
as u take me in your arms
and spin me into a graceful dance
the wind spirals around us
as it plays with are hair
as we fly through it

as we come to a stop
we fall to the soft earth beneath us
and i fell your soft kiss
like that of a summer breeze that feels the spirit
electrifying and sweet
you taste like honey
smooth and enticing

as we...
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upendo is something that we cannot see, hear, smell, touch au taste. We can only feel it as best we can. upendo is infinite. There is no end.
It's something that a human cannot decide upon au change. wewe can't make yourself upendo someone au make yourself not upendo someone. If wewe feel it, then wewe know it.
Love is unpredictable. wewe don't know when it will hit wewe au when it won't. It'll just happen. It's like finding a five dollar bill on the street: It'll be hard to find, but wewe will, in time.
You can't wait for love. wewe can't strive hard to find it. Just try, but don't put your all in it. Cause...
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