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sanaa ya shabiki
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This upendo sanaa ya shabiki contains kabichi nyekundu.

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posted by salmiddle
Hi, i am Sarah. I know some people dont think this is abuse, but i feel like it was. I had a best friend, Zach was his name. I thought he was the awesomest friend i have ever had. But he was not, no one liked him when i meet him. I never understood why. I was Marafiki wit thim for a year, then i asked him out. he alisema Sure. a week and 2 days after that he broke up with me. i hated myself. So i cut myself, just 1 cut. Then about 2 months after that. He told me 2 never call him again au talk 2him in anyway. I could not stand it. So i cut my self. Everytime i woud see him au hear hiz voice, when...
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posted by mmourer
I used to be in upendo with my best friend (if wewe read my privious makala youd understand this better) but now i cant look at him with out feeling sick. See he was dating this one girl and I accdently walked in on them doing "somthing" (hint hint) and now ya. I cant even talk to him anymore ethier. It was DISGUSTING. Lucky for me my other bff (he's a guy) was there and is really sweet to. I dont think i like him like dat but he's good at helping me over my prevous guy. Way to much drama lately. I dont know what im gonna do. :/
posted by celticcutie01
Missed You

For so long I could've sworn wewe loved me
Though wewe never even bothered to say it
For so long I could've sworn I loved you
Then wewe went away and then wewe saved it
wewe were gone, for so long
And I felt so alone
You came back, and like that
All my upendo was gone
It's times like this that make me realize
I see the hatred in your dark blue eyes
It's times like this that make me wonder
How it's true
That I missed wewe so much

For so long I couldn't see it in you
And wewe walked away, oh how it killed me
But now I can tell what wewe really need
It's definitely therapy:)

wewe were gone for so...
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