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posted by irena83
A remembrance...
Of what,
of who?
Could it hurt,
could the pain
return again?

There's me
holding that
cold glass of wine,
staring at her,
trying to forget...

And there he is,
sad and distant
like usual.

Oh why,
oh why?

And me again,
but this time
I was happy.
So happy for
all those
sweet kisses
he gave me...

And again he,
looking at me
and wondering...

Oh I should have known!

Inside my ndoto
I seek
for his kisses
that poisoned
my body,
i tafuta for
the reason,
trying to see...

There he is
his kisses,
what did he do to me,
he fooled me again...

Nothing was real,
he was wondering,
he was trying
to see
her in my eyes,

He gave me all
that sweetness,
but he belongs to her.
he's so sad
because of her.
He's so distant
because of her.
he disrupt my dreams
because of her.

Because of her...
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posted by SilverFanGirl
I'm in a upendo triangle. Both guys are aware of each other.
I still upendo my ex..

About my ex:
His name is Sean and lives in New Jersey, but was adopted from South Korea. When I was getting bullied at school, he was always there for me. I was being called a lot of names and believed them. I used to cut myself and he had me stop along with my best friend who is like a sister to me. (Laura) Sean is super sweet and has a few flaws.
1. He has a foot fetish. I had heel-cord surgery and my feet are my sensitive. I also have a 3rd degree burn on my right ankle. So if he ever gave me a foot massage, I would...
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posted by Sephisis17
Ok I wrote this poem to a person a couple of moths ago. At that time I liked that person but know I don't. So this poem is kinda useless right now, so I decided to post it here. upendo it, hate it, whatever.

What If???
What If I say I upendo you?
What will your reaction be?
Will wewe say wewe upendo me back?
au there’s only friendship,
Between wewe and me?

What if I say I give wewe the moon?
The sky, the stars,
The earth, Neptune, Jupiter
Venus, Mercury and Mars

What if I give wewe a galaxy?
With beautiful wonders, such as you
What if I give wewe that?
Will wewe say wewe upendo me too?

What if I say I go to you?
Even if you’re in the other side of the world
I go anywhere, anytime
Even if I’m ninety years-old
I would kuvuka, msalaba the galaxy again and again
Just to know wewe upendo me back
That’s the most pure truth
And for me, huge fact

Maybe wewe don’t upendo me
And wewe just want to be my friend
But we’ll both see
What I’ll be in the end

Sephisis AKA Vitor Martins
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