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This upendo picha might contain kabichi nyekundu.

She was walking with her three friends, bailey, camron,and krista.She herd about some dance and it was the 8th grade dance,but she was not realy in to dances,but she absolutly could not wait till the prom,but she had at least 3 years till then.
She was walking down the school hall ways still with her friends,she had her vitabu cupet tight in her arms,then her friend bailey said,
So do wewe guys got a tarehe to the dance yet.
Oh,i do,said camron.
With who,asked krista with a soft innocent voice?
ty,he ask me last night over the phone,and wewe could not stop me from saying yes!
cool,what about wewe krista,asked...
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So the girl inayofuata to me had obviously resently been through a rough breakup. He face was splotchy and red. The girl inayofuata to her, after hearing to details piped up and said, "There are plenty of samaki in the sea!"

This didn't help. The girl sniffed and sat up, wiping away another tear. She turned on her phone and began to go through her pictures. She found one she previously saved and read it aloud. "There's plenty of samaki in the sea... ? Yeah? Well 50% are girls, 30% are over 18, and 15% are under 10, which leaves 5% of the population. 2% of the remaining samaki are taken, and we haven't even gotten...
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 boy im imba about (not real person)
boy im singing about (not real person)
I took one look into your eyes
then i fell for all your childish lies
but can't wewe relize i upendo wewe more
i took the time to find you
and i still have to remind wewe your not alone
when your gone i feel like cryin
but im fed up with all your lyin
i always have remind that your not alone
chasing all your dreams but never come true
i'm looking out the window on a cold foggy night
and i barly ever see wewe in plane sight
and the last thing i have to say is your not alone

So guys tell me what wewe think thanks for kusoma and peace out
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Love, Boy, Girl, Story
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Yes, wewe may say everything happens for a reason but this was different in so many ways.
I used to listen to him mumbling and crying down the telephone, his eyes pouring full of salty tears as he explained his passionate upendo and how she broke his heart, over and over again and he never understood how much it hurt. He asked me to come over, so I did. After packs and packs of cookie dough aiskrimu and a boring black and white movie, he was about to fall alseep. He looked at me, alisema "thanks" and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I want to tell him, I want him to know that I don't want to be just...
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posted by reneemonique
I know how wewe feel. Empty, betrayed, and no happiness what so ever. wewe dont want to laugh, because wewe know it's not going to help, but wewe dont want to cry, because it will just make wewe feel worse.

You feel like your moyo is falling appart, but not only that, but wewe know soon your life is going to feel like its falling appart too. wewe don't think it will ever end, and no matter what this person has done to you, it feel's impossible to stop loving them.

And everyone wonders why if they have hurt wewe so much, then why do wewe still upendo them. That's the confusing part, wewe don't know why,...
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dont let me down
don't let me down
The Beatles
Beautiful, beautiful lyrics...pure poetry. This gal's stuff is amazing. :-)
vienna teng
eric's song
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"These words are my own, from my moyo flow. I upendo wewe I upendo wewe I upendo wewe I upendo you. There's no other way to better say I upendo you..." I upendo my boyfriend Mário forever *-*
 upendo is not a pretty, wispy, fluffy wingu of a feeling; something that floats happily along in calm, blue skies, only to be torn apart and scattered kwa an angry gust of wind eventually.
Love is not a pretty, wispy, fluffy cloud of a feeling; something that floats happily along in calm, blue skies, only to be torn apart and scattered by an angry gust of wind eventually.
True Love, aka Agape ("selfless love", greek) - A verb zaidi than a noun. An action/commitment, not a feeling. True Love, though often associated with romance, is not always romantic...nor is it Romance in and of itself. True upendo goes far beyond romance. In fact, it's zaidi about friendship than romance. Roses and candlelight come and go; but a deep friendship can last a lifetime.

It isn't about fireworks au warm, fuzzy butterflies in your stomach. It's simply about knowing the best, the worst and the just-plain-weird about someone and sticking to them ANYWAY.

It can be between Marafiki and family...
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