upendo When wewe think of upendo which couple pops on your mind? ( wewe can add zaidi )

Pick one:
Brucas (OTH)
skate (LOST)
Allie and Noah ( the notebook)
Rose and Jack (titanic)
Edward and Bella (twilight)
Edward and Bella (twilight)
Arwen and Aragorn (Lord of the Rings)
Added by Mallory101
Harry Washello & Julie Peters (The Miracle Mile)
Added by CullenCult
none, usually the person i like!!
none, usually the person i like!!
Added by iluvryry
my parents
my parents
Added by EliiMii
Added by campluv98
Sonic and Amy also known as SonAmy
Added by poddo
Sookie and Bill (trueblood)
Added by latinlover
marijuana and alcohol
Added by emoloversrock
Merder (Grey's Anatomy)
Added by McDreamyluva
Brian and Justin (Queer as Folk US)
Added by LabraLege
Jasper and Alice (Twilight)
Added by tooch
My boyfriend
Added by Sweetiecheeks
romeo and juliet
romeo and juliet
Me and MY BF!!!!!!!- !!!!!!!& gt;: D
Me and MY BF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!>:D
Added by allicyn123
Huddy from House MD
Huddy from House MD
Added by Hughmygod
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 irene_p posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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