Luke (Floatzel) vs. Ace (Staraptor) Club
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Source: Me!!!!
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Species: Floatzel

Attacks: Ice Fang
Iron Tail
Ice Punch
Aqua Jet

1-on-1 Battle Record (Entering this Battle): 15-1.

Rank in nyumbani Area (Battle Record Wise): 1st

Chosen Outfit: Brownish Cape w/ ukanda and Black/gray collar, alama and a yellow-orange headband.


Species: Staraptor

Attacks: Close Combat
Steel Wing
Brave Bird
Aerial Ace

1-on-1 Battle Record (Entering this battle): 20-1

Rank in nyumbani Area (Battle Record Wise): 3rd.

Chosen Outfit: Red, White, and Blue lightweight Armor below the waist and on the featherly-like hair on his head (this one's not true armor, though) with ukanda with a nyota in the middle,...
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