In a heartbreaking Oct. 9, 1954, letter from Yankee legend DiMaggio, her sekunde husband, he begs her to come back nyumbani three days after she announced to the world that she was divorcing him.

"Marilyn, I keep kusoma reports about wewe being sick and naturally I'm concerned … I upendo wewe and want to be with you. There is nothing I would like better than to restore your confidence in me so that I can help wewe regain your once healthy self.

"My moyo mgawanyiko, baidisha even wider seeing wewe cry in front of all these people and looking as though wewe were ready to collapse at any second."

He ends the letter kwa saying, "I can tell you, I upendo you, sincerely – way deep in my heart, irregardless of anything. Will wewe call me tonight if wewe should receive this letter kwa then? It will be happily received."

Says Nolan, "It's such a heartfelt, honest letter. Of course he wants her back but his first and number one concern unselfishly is her welfare. He is worried about her. That's a true upendo there."