(Mlp version)
(Queen chrysails vs discord )
Darkiplier vs evil wade
Darkiplier: this battle will b perfect it'll surely b ur fall . I've dreamed of a victory like this scence we were small.
Think u could harm me ? I could make u my slave I've got a good place for u n the amnisea caves I've got a intire Army of evil diamond ponies on my side u just have bob and way to much pride . I'm a destroyer of friendship , u just change into smoke I'll take controll of all equestria hold the pink rain

Wade : y hello markie I don't think I've ever seen u like this either way I now U'LL never challenge me anymore .
U need a army ? I can do it alone
It took all of pewdie's magic power to turn my back to normal .
U talk really big but sweetie ur skills r really lacking .
All they need is yami's lust for u to send u packing
I took control of yami , cry , bob and I made chaos like no other all u really did is sleep with me behind ur " lover"

Darkiplier: haha!!! wewe ridiculous baboon! creator of misery ?
Ur just a weak winged Pegasus ! Ur the pegasui's joke ,meant for earth gppony, pony display .
I may have been sent back kwa yami once but I can take back control of mark and fight another siku ! I over powered pewdie with one magical blast
U weak winged mix of a dragon and a Pegasus ur a thing from the past ! Ur stupid magic won't work on me , never can !
Now back to everfree forest with wewe , go back and just miss the old me as much as u always have !

Wade : ur to serious sweetie , what's fun abou that ?
Do u have cuts in ur brain too? U seem dense .
When it comes to superpowers , u got stuck with what was left n the bag
I can see n ur eyes , and also your legs
U call urself a king sweetie I must object , u can't even play a game without shooting yami from distrust
All u do is turn things to stone , I change ponies
I'll take away ur kingdom , and leave u begging to come nyumbani to me
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ( octivia vs vinyl )
Yami vs Mark
Yami : I put a classical spin on this silly rap game. I shouldn't need to use words to put ur video to sham their just games u play filled with chitchat and screams . My video attract shabiki from all over the place ! U should stop were ur hair like that start dressing with style with my perfectly shaded hair I've got u beat kwa a mile i didn't see u at minx's GlareRarity gaming party what happened were u late oh yeah that right she invited my cuz ur so sekunde rate
Mark : it's time to Turn the bass, besi up all the way to 11 u were boring at the GlareRarity but I ROCKED AT WADE'S PARTY!!!
Ur video r dull mine always go virile !!! Think u can compete with markiplier ur not even a rival !!! U think ur big because u role with 3 of ur mashabiki THEN Y AM I THE ONE WITH zaidi ATTENTION FROM mashabiki !!!!!! Ur wings r to weak for a fight I'll b the last 1 standing ! NO WAY U STAND ACHANCE VS MY bass, besi kanuni, cannon

yami : U clean cloths with them Wubs u must b as insane as u say little bad mwana-, mwana-punda my job has stud all the rivals my occupations at its peek I'll b surprised if any gppony, pony remembers u n a week ur a moto on the grill just hardly making the cut there's no way ur video can compete with my art I'll leave ur head spinning like ur precious little Brian

Mark : barely making the charts I'm a YouTube nyota ur like the bob of YouTube but not as smart I WORK WITH THE BEST AND ADORED kwa THE REST !!! IM NOT INPREST kwa A BRIT IN A T shati WITH HIM NAME ON HIS CHEST !!!!! SOME BATTEL ARRON I WOULDNT CALL THIS A FIGHT . UR CRANKY ALL THE TIME CUZ UR * British vocie* SO UP TIGHT !!!! NOPONY WATCHES UR video U SHOULD JUS GIVE UP SO COME ON WADE LETS SPIN THIS * squeeze *