It was early November of 2010. The cast of "Doctor Who" was still filming in New York, so our story begins late at night in Rockefeller Park when every one of the cast and crew was asleep except two cast members sitting on a bench. They were known as Matt Smith and Karen Gillan.

Now these two Marafiki and co-stars were gazing at the stars, when Matt suddenly asked, "Hey Kaz, when's your birthday?"

Karen looked at Matt and answered, "November 28. Why?"

"That makes wewe a Sagittarius, as I'm sure wewe already know."

"No, I didn't actually."

Matt looked at her in shock. "You mean wewe didn't know wewe were one? I've known that I'm a Scorpio most of my early life!"

"Really!" Karen replied blushing, "I never knew!"

Matt smiled to himself, trying not to laugh.

"Anyway, when's your birthday, Matt?" Karen asked, trying to get his mind off of her knowledge.

"October 28, a mwezi before you."

"Oh, now I feel awful," Karen replied grimly.

"Why's that, Kaz?" Matt asked. He hated seeing her sad.

"If I knew it was your birthday, I would have gotten wewe something."

"I've already got something."

"And what would that be?"

Matt smiled, and answered, "A friend. You."

Karen smiled, and hugged him tightly. Matt smiled, for he loved it whenever Karen was happy. It actually made him somewhat happy, too. He must have alisema the right thing, because they stayed like that for a few moments before she let go and asked, "So, Matt, is there anything else wewe know related to that?"

Matt looked at her and answered, "Yes, actually. Apparently the average Sagittarius is compatible with the average Scorpio, as it is vice versa. Why"

"Just curious," Karen answered, but what she did meant zaidi than what she said. She was sitting much closer to Matt than she was when she started the conversation, and Matt realized something at once. Matt had always had a crush on Karen, and it was so large, that Karen knew about it. But at this very moment, Matt realized that Karen loved him as well.

I would like to say that I wasn't there that night when Matt Smith and Karen Gillan were gazing at the stars, but two of my good friends, Beatrice Bergile and Cathal O' Regan, were. They told me that what happened inayofuata was that neither of them could fight their emotions any longer, and they kissed. They even alisema that when they kissed, fireworks suddenly erupted graphically in the sky. A masterpiece, they called it, and even though I wasn't there, I would have to agree that nothing would be zaidi beautiful than when Matt Smith and Karen Gillan finally admitted their feelings for one another. It even brings a tear of joy to my eyes when I try to picture what it was like to see it happen, but I digress.

When the kiss ended, both Matt and Karen had smiles on their faces. "I upendo you, Kaz," Matt replied.

"I upendo wewe too, stupid," Karen replied, and they spent the rest of the night looking at the fireworks, and fell asleep on the bench.