The last siku of filming for Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill was a distressing and despondent one. It was 4:30 in the morning on Saturday morning, and only one person was on the set of "Doctor Who," and that one person was Matt Smith.

Matt Smith couldn't sleep at all Friday night, one reason due to his despondent mood, and another because he couldn't take his mind off of Karen Gillan. He had had a crush on her since their first script reading, and now that she was leaving along with Arthur Darvill, the set would never be the same.

Matt was suddenly surprised when he heard someone say, "Matt, what are wewe doing up so early?" He turned around and realized, with relief, that it was Karen Gillan

"Just...enjoying the view?" he replied, unsure of the true reason why he was awake.

Karen laughed, and then replied, "Matt, wewe look exhausted. Why didn't wewe go back to sleep?"

"I can't," he replied sadly.

"Why would that be?"

Matt hesitated, and looked at the ground.

"You can tell me, Matt."

He then replied quickly, "Idon'twantyoutogo,Kaz. IloveyouandI'llmissyousomuch!"

Karen wasn't too sure on what he said, but when he looked up, she saw that he was trying not to cry. "Oh, come here, Matt."

Matt and Karen embraced, Matt crying and Karen trying not to cry, kissing his forehead. Finally, through sobs, Matt replied, "I don't want wewe to go, Kaz. You're one of my best mates, and I'll miss Arthur too, but-"

"You don't have to say anything, Matt. I'll miss wewe too."

They stayed like that most of the siku until she had to get ready to leave. During the days that followed, they still kept in touch kwa texts and phone calls, but it wasn't the same. However, they would soon reunite once Matt had left because he was no longer the Doctor, and they would live in the same apartment, happy and in love.