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posted by malmcd
5 months ago:

BeautifulBlaze's Wall:

Malmcd Said...

hujambo Daniel I all ready like wewe because your kauli mbiu is amazing and wewe like Soul Eater and Ghost Adventures! Sweet!

BeautifulBlaze commented...

Well jee wizz! Looks like wewe and me are pals already!


Look where we are now...
We were strangers from different places..
And now we can be called Lovers...

We've been through the ups and down together,
It's been an interesting adventure so far and I know that we have a long way to go...

We've been through
And happy times
And we;ve smiled
And laughing
And cried..
We've talked on the phone and soon..
We get to see each other's faces...
For the first time...
Your reallly the only person I've ever loved and has ever loved me back...

And I know we'll forever be friends....

upendo your Little Kitty Kat, Your Sweet heart, your Cutie Pie, Your Poem Girl.... Mallory McDonald~
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Alexander, the moyo and soul of Fanpop. wewe never had any mean opinions and wewe thought of us as your own brother au sister. wewe are in everybody's prayers and even if wewe got to heaven ALL of us will put a maua, ua on your grave. No matter how far away! We all joy that wewe are here with us and that your alive! God blessed us with something special. wewe are going to a better place. No matter what, do not let fear overcome you. wewe will forever be loved and we will always know that there on the other side your loving back. wewe will fight through and wewe won't go down fighting. Your upendo and care gave us a different point of view on the world. wewe will have a nyumbani in my heart, it's like wewe never left. My life will never be complete with wewe gone. Let the world see wewe as...