Here are a few reasons that I think are the reasons why we upendo Derek and Meredith:
We know that that they belong together and we know that they are an EPIC couple
We upendo it when they're together and hate it when they're not together
We wanted Derek to pick Meredith after she said, "Pick me, choose me, upendo me!"
We loved how Meredith realized she wasn't over him when she started calling him McDreamy
We realized that Meredith's therapy was helping her realize that she belonged with Derek
We hated Addison for coming between them and we knew that Derek belongs with Meredith
We wanted Meredith to be pregnant with Derek's baby instead of the appy
We loved it when they had sex at the prom in the exam room
We loved it when Derek finally told Meredith he loved her
We loved it when Meredith picked Derek over Finn
We were happy when they kissed in the season four finale
We were happy when they got married
We loved it when Derek proposed to Meredith
We thought that Derek was being an punda when he called Meredith a whore
We thought that angry and jealous Derek was hot