Meredith & Derek MerDer moments: mashabiki with strong memory, a swali for you!!

seriouslynow posted on Nov 08, 2014 at 06:10PM
As I have been watching again and again GA old seasons and relive MerDer moments I have a question and I hope you might help me!! So here it is:
After Mer drowning and Derek realizes he is not sure if he wants to keep breathing for her (he declares is at a heart-breaking scene in the trailer after having sex), I remember that Derek has said once (maybe even before the trailer scene) something like "I can't sleep/close my eyes because I am afraid she (Mer) might stop breathing" or sth like "I have to check if she still breathes", but I can't recall the exacts words and I don't remember the person he was talking to, maybe to Bailey or Mark! can anyone recall the scene?? I am pretty sure a quote like this was said by Der :/ heeeelp!!

Meredith & Derek No majibu