Most of us are MerDer mashabiki and we need reasons why Meredith belongs with Derek. Here are a few reasons that attempts to answer that exact question:
She will never upendo anyone else the way she loves Derek.
Derek is the only guy that Meredith will ever upendo and he is her McDreamy.
When she was with Finn and sleeping with other guys, we wanted her to be with Derek and Derek only.
Derek is the only one who can make Meredith happy and she deserves to be happy.
Meredith has been there for Derek and turned to Derek when she needed someone to talk to about Ellis.
She loves him and him only.
Derek is the only guy that Meredith loves with all her heart.
She loves him and he loves her because he's her McDreamy.
She built their house of candles and waited for him there.
We were happy when she accepted his marriage proposal.
We know that they are head over heels in upendo with each other.
Derek is the only guy who can make Meredith go weak in the knees.
Meredith is in upendo with Derek and she knows that she is the upendo of his life.
Everyone knows that Derek and Meredith belong together.
Meredith wanted to be pregnant with Derek's baby instead of the appy.
She came back from the dead because she loves Derek with all her heart.
She called him the upendo of her life and he is indeed her McDreamy,