Like his predecessors, Sammy Davis, Jr. and Sam Cooke, Michael took part in the movement as a Civil Rights activist speaking on behalf of other black recording artists who workered for then-president of SONY Music, Tommy Mottola, back in 2002. Apparently, Michael heard reports pertaining to the subject of Mottola mistreating the other black recording artists and fellow employees kwa way of making inappropriate comments. Another reason why he was upset Tommy Motttola, was beacuse Michael felt that he didn't help enough with promotional end of his 2001 album, "Inivincible", believing he could have done zaidi to help promote it. Having teamed up with good friend and fellow activist, Reverend Al Sharpton; along with former attorney, Johnnie Cocharan, Michael spoke at public rally on behalf of the other recording atrtist stating that SONY muziki needed to make some changes pertaining to equal opportunity for other black recording artists. Michael offered his support kwa way boycotting the headquarters of Sony Music, speaking at other rallies, renting a double-decker, so he can travel around in Manhatta, expressing maoni kwa of speaking through a megaphone.