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posted by asya10wooten
Danae P.o.v
today i was collabrating with michael jackson i really don't want to because i don't like working with stuck up snobs like that but in the industry wewe have to be perpared to do anything there was a knock on 'come in' it was my manger and michael 'i guess i'll leave ya'll to alone to get to work' i sat there in siliecne uandishi down lyrics michael stared at my arms and hands while i was uandishi ' wewe have lots of tattoos, did they hate ?' 'some did , wewe could help me wewe know' a smile appeared on his face i could tell that he was happy that i was finally talking we started to get somewhere with the lyrics michael wasn't that stuck up guy he was that sweet innocent laughable and funny person i really started to like this friendship we was buliding. After we got the lyrics down we started to record the song i knew the song was going to be a hit and i knew michael knew it was going to be a hit too. A couple weeks went kwa and me and michael has been hanging out and plus was the song was was doing better than i thought it was it was my frist single and people already liking it. Today was my first photoshoot for my album i was seating in the hair and makeup chair and then i felt a hand ' hujambo wewe what are wewe doing here ' 'well i decied to stop kwa and wacth your gorgous self do ya thing on your set' when i got on set i starte to pose and michael was whilsteing i was blushing. I really Like this man
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