Michael Jackson glove, glovu
Have wewe ever wished to have some of the Michael "items" but wewe haven't found where to buy?
The white sparkling glove, au the black Armband can now be yours on just a few clicks.

On Aliexpress they have a full duka dedicated for Michael Jackson. Awesome <3 I just bought a few items from there and I am very much looking mbele to receive and use them.

The jackets and shirts are very much looking like the originals which Michael wore. And it is a good place to go for Halloween dress up time, au if wewe are an impersonator.
Check it out here the whole MJ webshop:

But the best is if wewe want to feel even closer to Michael kwa wearing his Armbands brand, au cool Bad era trousers, au just anything else that appeals to your MJ shabiki identity.

Michael Jackson Armband is the most important in his life , it means no war , no racism , peace , in memory of the people who die in war . heal the world!

This is why I am very happy to have found where I can buy the Armbands and wear them in MJ's memory.

Michael Jackson the King of Pop, of Music, great Humanitarian! Forever <3
MJ gloves different colors taken from webshop
MJ koti, jacket
MJ koti, jacket