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"The Way wewe upendo Me"
"Beautiful Girl"
"On The Line"
"This Is It"
"Stranger In Moscow"
"Baby, Be Mine"
"Got To Be There"
"I Wanna Be (Where wewe Are)"
"Break Of Dawn"
"Lover Never Felt So Good"
"I Want wewe Back"
"Much Too Soon"
"Will wewe Be There"
"Human Nature"
"Hold My Hand"
"Rock With With You"
"Someone Put Your Hand Out"
"Fall Again"
"Never Can Say Goodbye"
"Off The Wall"
"Remember The Time"
"Lady In My Life"
"One zaidi Chance"
"With A Child's Heart"
"I'll Be There"
"Fly Away"
"She's Out Of My Life"
"Can wewe Feel It"
"The Girl Is Mine"
"Heaven Can Wait"
"Keep The Faith"
"Gone To Soon"
"Heal The World"
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"Really", Maris asked, "Of course, why would I lie to you? I have good intentions in regards to my relationship with you", Michael replied, "and I will be uigizaji as your agent/manager as of today because wewe have the looks and beauty to make it as a successful model; furthermore; with my help and the right connections wewe would be one of the most famous faces in the modeling industry". Maris realized that Michael wasn't playing games, nor jerking her around, so hired him as her new manager right there on the spot. "It would be a pleasure to have work with me in regards to getting my modeling...
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 my 1st birthday cake
my 1st birthday cake
Chapter two

March 15 1995,

Dad came into my room and alisema “happy birthday baby!!!” Today I turn a mwaka old. He took me to the living room and there was new toys scattered all over the place. He alisema “I got wewe a bubble machine!!!” Nanny Grace turned it on and started to pop all of the bubbles. He alisema “I knew wewe would upendo that!!!”

Then I noticed there was a cake on the coffee meza, jedwali and stood up so I could reach it. Nanny Grace alisema “I have a feeling she will be walking any siku now!!!” Dad cut me a slice of cake and alisema “yeah; don’t remind me!!!” While I was eating he snapped...
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Alongside Barry Manilow and Sam Cooke, Michael also wrote the songs that made the whole world sing. Like his predecessors, everyone of Michael's songs had a social message, told a story and had moral involved. For examples, his 1992 hit song, "Heal The World," Michael emphasizes the message on how we can make the world better place kwa helping someone in need of assistance and understanding. In response to Sam Cooke's 1965 postumous hit, "A Change Is Gonna Come", he talks about racial harmony and understanding in the song "Black au White", stating doesn't matter what ethnic background wewe come...
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"Uh!" Michael rolled over and brushed his curls away. Mark held Michael's ankles and then pulled his hips to his own loins. Their warm bare skin igniting. The sight of Michael's throbbing phallus between his knees made Mark continue with purely animalistic intents.

He gripped his own full cock and nestled it beneath his partner's balls. They were high and tight and the skin below was taut with strain. Michael fixed his dark lidded eyes to Mark, watching, studying him, waiting for him. Mark pressed his tip gently to his hole. It wasn't too tense and he soon had the head inside.

Michael, upon being...
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Michael is in a Hotel room and is bored so he goes on a game website and tries this game a friend told him about.

Michael: Hmmm scary maze.....maybe i should give this a try.
Michael clicks on the scary maze ikoni and begins to play it. It takes him almost 15 dakika to pass the first level.
Michael: Okay finally im on the sekunde level, okay here we go.....Damn it! i have to start over.
It takes michael almost 20mins to finish level two of the scary maze.
Michael: Finally! okay last level, so far so good....almost there.....almost have it....ye....AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!WHAT THE HELL!!!!!!!!!
Michael falls off the bed.
Michael: (getting back onto the bed) Never again.................

It was Monday.I woke up.It was Halloween.I didn't have school so I choose to celebrate Halloween.That siku was also the Michael's concert.I dressed like Michael with a hat,a black jacket,white shirt,black jeans and shoes like his.I was very excited.But I was also sad beause I didn't buy some albums:invicible,history,michael and immortal.I went to his concert.I was surpised because the dancers were there but Michael wasn't there........I was very scared..Where was Michael?!?!I was searching and searching and ofound Michael who was searching for me...I alisema that his tamasha had start.He wasn't...
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 Michael in his inayopendelewa color, red
Michael in his favorite color, red
After they had kissed at the wedding, Michael and Breanna became the "It couple." The media and the mashabiki loved them. When Breanna woke up in the morning, they camped out in front of her house,waiting for her to come out. Whether she liked it au not, she was a celebrity. Mrs. Davis also became a celebrity because she was Breanna's mother.

Everybody loved Breanna, except for Tatiana. Tatiana was very jealous of her. She resented the fact that Michael had picked Breanna over her. Tatiana did not understand what he saw in her. She was not even cute. What was so special about her? To make matters...
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I recently received this newsletter in my kasha pokezi from MJTruthNow. I just want to share it with wewe guys and see what wewe think. Do wewe agree, disagree?


The community of Michael Jackson lovers, admirers, supporters and defenders has arrived at a fork in the road. Do they continue to take actions that heretofore have had absolutely no impact on the behavior of media and legal authorities au do they decide to look at the situation--that is, bringing Conrad Murray to justice--with new eyes? The practical reality is that justice is not a popularity contest where the zaidi beloved the victim, the...
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