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posted by Miabear1998
People in my family think I'm crazy for loving MJ. They say he's ugly and 'funny' looking. Throught the years of his life, his apperance change, but I still upendo him no matter what they say. It's probably because he's older than me. Me being a young,13 yr. old girl, in upendo with a 50 yr. old deceased man, 37 yrs. apart from us, but to me It's noting but a number. It's just me falling in upendo for the first time in my life and I like it. I think he's the sexiest man that ever walked this earth.THEY JUST NEED TO SHUT THE F.U.C.K. UP and leave him ALONE and get over the fact that I upendo MICHAEL!!!! NOT Justin Bieber, Chris Brown au Drake, au any other people THEY like! There boys, Michael is a man, a sexy, talented man. Why can't they understand It's Michael who makes me feel alive inside and happy. If they don't like it, THEY CAN BEAT IT!!!! LEAVE ME AND MICHAEL ALONE!!!!!!!!
Once they arrived to the restuant, Michael helped Leanna get out of the Limo. "Oh i upendo this place!" Leanna alisema happliy. "Im guessing you've been here before?" Michael said. "Yea i use to go here all the time when i was kid." Leanna said. "Wow me too." Michael replied. "Well im starving i dont know about you." Leanna alisema as she grabbed michaels hand and walking into the restuant. Once they walked in, they were quickly seated in a private booth for michael's sake."So Michael what are wewe thinking about getting?" Leanna asked as she glanced at her menu. "Um..im not sure do wewe know what you're...
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posted by NikkiLovesMJ
Katherine Jackson on the siku Michael was born:

My experience with Marlon and Brandon didn’t dissuade me from getting pregnant again. The following mwaka August 29, I gave birth to another son.

I remember that siku well because my water broke while my neighbor Mildred White and I were driving over to see the new grammar school under construction, Garnett Elementary.

“Oh, my God, Mildred, I can’t sit in your car like this!” I exclaimed.

“Girl, don’t worry about it,” Mildred said, turning the car around.

At my request Mildred drove me home. I called my mother and she and my stepfather drove...
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posted by smoothmichael
 the jikoni is mess
the kitchen is mess
Saturday morning Jermaine had wake up because he had clean the jikoni the jikoni was a mess so he got off hes kitanda he walk to the door and open it and he close the door he walk downstairs he walk in the jikoni and he saw this big mess he walk back up stairs he open the door and he alisema " guys wake up" the brothers alisema " what Jermaine ?" Jermaine alisema " wewe help me with the jikoni mess" brothers alisema " why?" Jermaine alisema " because i need your guys help" Michael alisema " I am help wewe anyway " so they walk down stairs. They all clean the jikoni they all work together it seem like forever...
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Michael Jackson had some unexpected company drop kwa this weekend -- a surprise visit from his close friend Stevie Wonder.
TMZ has confirmed that the singer and three of his children stopped kwa Michael's tomb at the Forest Lawn Cemetery in Glendale, CA this weekend to pay their respects.

According to Stevie's rep, Wonder and his kids had gone to the cemetery to visit Stevie's dearly departed mother -- but Stevie's children insisted they visit MJ too.

Wonder and MJ were famously close -- and at MJ's memorial last year, Stevie told the crowd he often let Michael know how much he loved him ... and was "at peace with that."

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posted by spiritace
"Billie Jean"

[1st Verse]
She Was zaidi Like A Beauty Queen From A Movie Scene
I alisema Don't Mind, But What Do wewe Mean I Am The One
Who Will Dance On The Floor In The Round
She alisema I Am The One Who Will Dance On The Floor In The Round

[2nd Verse]
She Told Me Her Name Was Billie Jean, As She Caused A Scene
Then Every Head Turned With Eyes That Dreamed Of Being The One
Who Will Dance On The Floor In The Round

People Always Told Me Be Careful Of What wewe Do
And Don't Go Around Breaking Young Girls' Hearts
And Mother Always Told Me Be Careful Of Who wewe Love
And Be Careful Of What wewe Do 'Cause The...
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