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(Written kwa Michael Jackson)
* As sung in the 1987 Pepsi commercial

Gonna tell wewe right
Gonna onyesha your stuff
Don't ever stop
'Til wewe get enough
The feelin's good
Comin' off the siku
You're reachin' up
The choice is made
(Well) they say the sky's the
There's nothin' stoppin' wewe
You're a brand new generation
And Pepsi's comin' through
wewe know I'm Bad
I'm bad, come on
And Pepsi's cool
It's cool, wewe know it
wewe know I'm bad, I'm bad
wewe know it, wewe know
And the whole world has to answer right now
To tell wewe the Pepsi way
It's cool
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Michael Jackson
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 Arianna Morales
Arianna Morales
Arianna's POV I was not having a great siku and I wanted to go home. I sighed as I stared at the clock. Michael was being his annoying demanding self as usual and he was getting on my last nerve. I did my job to the best of my ability as his assistant. But nothing that I did ever satisfied that man. wewe guys are probably confused right? And I haven't even introduced myself yet. My name is Arianna Morales and I am the great Michael Jackson's assistant as I mention before. I have been working for him for a mwezi part time because I go to college at UCLA full time. My major is medical and I want...
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Published in:
Hitkrant (Netherlands)
October 15, 1988

Although Kim Wilde toured with Michael Jackson for months she just met him twice. 'We didn't have any deep and meaningful conversations au anything, but he is very sweet. I don't want to hear any bad things about him anymore!'

It's too weird that there were even rumours that we were having an affair. Yes, we respect eachother but that's as far as it goes. I've only talked to him twice!

What were those talks about, then?
He told me that he felt I was doing great, and that he was looking mbele to the successful tour. And he asked whether...
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