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The inayofuata siku Michael alisema " Hannah sweetheart wake up" Hannah didnt wake up Michael alisema " Hannah wake up" Michael alisema " baby Isabella wake up" Isabella alisema " yes what happen?" Michael alisema " Hannah isn't waking up" Isabella alisema " baby take Hannah take her to hospital" Hannah alisema " daddy daddy" Michael OMG Hannah what happen?" Hannah alisema " i had a bad dream daddy" Michael alisema " what happen in the dream" Hannah alisema " Daddy i saw monsters trynna to get me" Michael alisema " it be ok Hannah me and Isabella are here ok wewe don't have to worry about ok Hannah" Hannah alisema " ok Daddy" so the rest of the siku was fun family time together it was nice and sweet then Hannah was fast sleep and Michael alisema " so baby what do u want do tonight u want watch a movie" Isabella alisema " idk " Michael alisema " ok i am go sleep " Isabella alisema " alright baby " kiss goodnight . to be contuine
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Don't say Goodbye to me
There is no need to
Don't say Goodbye to me
Cuz I'm Always with you
Don't say Goodbye to me
Don't shead a Tear
Because I'm still..here

All I camed to do
please save a prayer
Scream out ''Victory''
Cuz upendo is still there
Smile at the memories yeah
All through the years
Because I'm still..here

Take all your pain off
Keep it inside
When wewe feel Lonely
I'm right kwa your side
and when the storm comes yeah
Have no fear
Because I'm still..here

So put your head up
Pray and be strong
Just remember
that wewe are not alone
I'm smiling down
All wewe my dears
wewe know your daddy's...
The mother of Michael Jackson, Katherine, do many projects at this time. Once prepared an album titled Never Can Say Goodbye dedicated to her son and now the information they want to undertake the production of a film about the life of the king of pop.

The film deals with the life of Jackson from his childhood until the death of large stars. The Katherine, in fact, intends to offer hundreds of hours of family video to Howard Mann, who wrote the album with her. These include hardware since the family moved from Gary Indiana to Los Angeles as soon as the Jackson 5 signed with the label Motown.

alisema even, that the Howard has paid richly-digit amount to the former partner of Michael, Marc Schaffel, for 26 additional hours of video material with the king of pop. The Katherine Howard and planning a series of films for Michael. The documentary "This is it in the preparation of the king of pop for the comeback, earned profits of 400 million U.S. dollars to the family.
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Your butt is mine
Gonna tell wewe right
Just onyesha your face
In broad daylight
I'm telling you
On how I feel
Gonna hurt your mind
Don't shoot to kill
Come on

Come on
Lay it on me

I'm giving you
On the count of three
To onyesha your stuff
Or let it be
I'm telling you
Just watch your mouth
I know your game
What you're about

Well they say the sky's the limit
And to me that's really true
But my friend wewe have seen nothin'
Just wait till I get through

Because I'm bad, I'm bad - come on
(Bad bad - really, really bad)
You know I'm bad, I'm bad - wewe know it
(Bad bad - really, really bad)
You know I'm bad, I'm bad - come...
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