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It was November the 8th 2009.Madeline was at school.Her math teacher was so boring,that she couldn't even listen to her anymore.She thought about what was going to happen tommorow,on her birthday.She didn't wanted a cake au a party,all she wanted were her Marafiki and some ice cream and soda.But there was something else she wanted.She wanted a special friend.Someone she found out about almost 5 months ago,someone she never met.But someone she felt it was the missing piece from her lifer and who she trusted zaidi than anyone."If he would come,all would be perfect,I wouldn't need any Marafiki or...
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Its very hard admitting this but it had to come out sometime so here it goes:

It started when I was 3. My older sister had made me a CD with Smooth Criminal on it though I never knew Michael sang the song. I would walk around the house talking about how someday I would meet the man who sang Smooth Criminal. My family thought it was cute but I was being serious. I wanted to so bad! It was my dream to meet him. Through the years I listened to that song everyday at every moment I could. Then came the siku my father gave me my first ipod. My sister put bila mpangilio songs on there and one of them was Thriller....
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The sekunde michael walked in Faye started jumping up and down and she couldt talk.....finally she alisema :faye; jasmine..michel..how did wewe to ever meet..and almost kissed..wooww thats too much news in one siku wewe know...she hugged michael :faye: hi michael..u dont no how aswome it is to say that hhaah anyways hi im faye ive been jasmine's best friend since like forever hahahah..we both love..but i can see u already know how much she loves u..haha tryin to kiss michael jackson :michael:actually faye..i tried to kiss her..she not only loves me..i upendo her as well :faye:u?tried to kiss jasmine?y?...
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the moment they got like this jimmy, hunitumia looked up into michael eyes and michael looked back into hers..he had the same look he had that night at chajio, chakula cha jioni when he looked in her eyes..there was something about that michael loved he wsnt sure yet but he loved her..more then a friend and he knew she loved him the same and he was glad that she did..he never thoughtin a million years that meeting a bila mpangilio shabiki would be the way he fell in love..as they where looking in each others eyes jimmy, hunitumia was thinking man im so lucky to be who i am right now..thwn she looked in michaels eyes and it was like electricity...
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Ok we need to stop and relize about what we're doing here. There is altot of people who will pretend to be a fan. Of a famouse person,just to make friends. But really we don't have to be a fake fan. We should be Marafiki we both have out likes and dislikes. This is NOT what Michael want us to do is fight. Fighting never ever solve anything so just STOP. Just forgive and forget this ever happend. I just do have to say this DO NOT put any rude maoni on other peoples post. We are not healing the world kwa fighing we're ruining it. Michael would be so upset with us if he was talking to us he will make us take a time out.

I upendo wewe ALL!

Michael woke up at 6:00. "Well I guess I woke up a little early today." He says to himself. Michael was feeling better now. The women he was in upendo with was ok. But still...He was wondering how I was going to react to what he was going to tell me. "I..I..I..can't do it." He says to himself in tears. Michael was just sitting in his kitanda worrying how Mccala would respond. "What if...What...If..She doesn't.." He says unable to finish his own sentence because of himself crying. "Wait...I should try...I have to...It's now au never." He says to himself. Michael just gets up after a few dakika and...
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Michael takes my hand and guides me into his home. "Wow your house is beautiful Michael." I alisema with a smile. "Why Thank wewe Mccala." He replys with delight. "I'm glad you're here Mccala." He says in kind of a nervous and worried tone. "Is anything wrong Michael?" I ask with concern. "No everything is fine." He smiles. "Um ok then." I reply. Michael walks towards the jikoni then he sees someone very familar. "Mccala can wewe give me a minute?" He asks. "Sure." I reply. Michael walks over to this guy and talks to him. "What were wewe thinking?" "Why did wewe invite that girl over there?" He says...
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