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Michael Jackson
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This Michael Jackson picha might contain hip boot, thigh boot, fedora, waliona kofia, homburg, stetson, trilby, and kofia feli.

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posted by Diana1958
wewe were there, before we came
wewe took the hurt, wewe took the shame
They built the walls to block your way
wewe beat them down, wewe won the siku

It wasn't right, it wasn't fair
wewe taught them all, wewe made them care
Yes wewe were there and thanks to wewe
There's now a door, we all walk through

And we are here, for all to see
To be the best that we can be
Yes I am here...
'Cause wewe were there
I finished my song, I saw my fans, I smiled, and I alisema : " Wow, wewe are wonderful!!" a scream escaped . "Aww I upendo you!! I yelled and I could hear "we upendo wewe too!!"
Awww when I say that, I think about someone, an unforgettable someone. So I alisema : "For the finish of this fabulous concert, I will imba my favourite song that I created, Guess what!" "Stop to hide your wings" screamed the crowd. "Yeah!! Just for wewe and for our Angel, of course!" I told them. I ran to the middle of the stage, I closed my eyes and began to sing :

It's not my place, no, it's not my place ~
I know, it's...
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posted by cherl12345
"Oh, wewe don't know just how much that means to me", Michael replied, "and you're starting to realize that are a few good men such as myself , who thinks you're to most prettiest woman I ever laid eyes on. I'm sorry you've had your reservations pertaining me all because of what Vinnie has done you, but you're with me now at this present time, and that tells me you're willing to give upendo another even it's with me". "Well, you've got a point there", Maris replied, "I didn't want to get hurt again, nor let my guard down, and that is why I was so apprehensive about a new relationship".

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posted by mjfanforever22
michelle askes michael is he sure he wants her to be his girl michael looks at michellle straight in the eyes and say i never been so sure about this in my life i loved wewe since i saw wewe and i really wanted to be with wewe from then on michelle starts to blush and saids aww really samehere for me ever since i came to your tamasha and i layed eyes on wewe i knew that i wanted to be with wewe from that moment on michael starts to blush after michelle has told him this michelle walks to michael's kitanda and sits down on his kitanda and just looks into michael's eyes and just cant look away from them cause...
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posted by overpoort
His whole life Michael worked hard to provide us with an authentique version of a -better & higher- way of living our earthly lives. With his muziki he has aliyopewa us the perfect rhythm, in his words we find the way, will and power to come together at last. Accept Michael's work as your ultimate guide in life and let it b...e your stronghold in times when wewe miss M.J. too much.



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