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Before Michael's death, I didn't know much about him.
I used to see all sorts of tabloids screaming nasty headlines about him at the drugstore checkout, and I always felt so sorry for him.
It became obvious to me that he was a target, for no one should always get so much cruel attacks so consistently, and my moyo bled for him each time.
It got so difficult for me, that I had to purposely avert my eyes no to look, but I knew they were there, and my moyo sank. After Michael's death, I heard Jermaine say that Michael was a gift from God and he had a mission.
I also heard many of Michael's close...
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posted by 2468244
She always takes it with a
Heart of stone
‘Cause all she does is
Throws it back to me
I’ve spent a lifetime
Looking for someone
Don’t try to understand me
Just simply do the
Things I say

Love is a feeling
Give it when I want it
‘Cause I’m on fire
Quench my desire
Give it when I want it
Talk to me woman
Give in to me
Give in to me

You always knew just how
To make me cry
And never did I ask you
Questions why
It seems wewe get your kicks
From hurting me
Don’t try to understand me
Because your words just
Aren’t enough

Love is a feeling
Quench my desire
Give it when I want it
Takin’ me higher
Love is a woman
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posted by Baby_Michael
As I pulled up to the stage I saw Michael standing outside, looking at me pull up into the parking lot. He walked to the side of my car door and let me out. I kept my eyes on him the whole time and whenever I looked at him he looks at me with his beautiful glowing eyes and giving me the most beautiful smile no body could have aliyopewa me. He walked me in like we were a couple au something with his arm attached to mine and I looked at our arms locked together how I hoped they would. He opened the stage doors and took me inside to see all the crowd chairs ready to be sitten in kwa the crowd and...
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A judge has ruled that witnesses will NOT be allowed to discuss Michael Jackson's child molestation case during Dr. Conrad Murray's manslaughter trial.

L.A. County Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor alisema any testimony relating to the molestation case is irrelevant -- and would be distracting and misleading to the jury.

The judge also banned Arnie Klein from testifying -- after prosecutors argued the defense would try to blame the dermatologist for the death ... and take away attention from the man on the hot kiti, kiti cha -- Dr. Murray.
Never try to talk about it
It's got to sound good to me inside
I just think about it

I'm so undemanding
'Cause they say upendo is blind
I've lived this life pretending
I can kubeba this hurt deep inside

The truth is that I'm longing
For upendo that's so divine
I've searched this whole world wishing
She'll be there time after time

So someone put your hand out
I'm begging for your love
All I do is hand out
a moyo that needs your love

I've lived my life the lonely
A soul that cries of shame
With handicapped emotions
Save me now from what still remains

I'll be your story hero
I'll seranade in rhyme
I'm just needing that...
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posted by mjtourlives

I just started a project about Michael and need some help from you.

This Project is about stories kwa King Of Pop's fans..!!
The project is about people sending in the entries about what michael meant to them and how his death changed them and also entries like pictures,videos au anything they had done for Michael au kwa being inspired kwa him..and zaidi creative wewe can get.

the entries received will then be turned in a digital collage cum museum and e magazine.all will be eunveiled on august 29,his birthday.

now i need your help in spreading the word out about the project asking to send in the entries.....

watch this video i made about mj

to know zaidi about the project visit link

reply back to mjtourlives@live.com if wewe are willing to help.
The nyumbani where Michael Jackson lived during his stint in Vegas is opening it's doors to mashabiki for the FIRST TIME EVER tomorrow to commemorate the anniversary of MJ's death ... TMZ has learned.

A rep for the nyumbani tells us ... "the Estate will be opened to the public, for the first time, for only four hours for those who wish to pay their respects and to mourn his loss on this, the sekunde Anniversary of [MJ's] passing, June 25, 2011."

The rep explains, "We will strive to give wewe a glimpse into his private life and home; to allow wewe to walk where he walked, to see what he saw, to breathe the same air that he breathed and…to be inspired."

We're told "strict security measures" will be in effect -- and water will be provided ... because it can get pretty hot in the desert. .

The rep adds, "Your messages of love, prayers, gifts and flowers will be lovingly preserved in situs until Sunday."
Today is the two-year anniversary of Michael Jackson's death -- and the saga has played out like a soap opera about betrayal, jealousy, love, greed and redemption.

When TMZ broke the news, it triggered a flood of stories about Jackson's struggles with drugs, the doctors who enabled him, the mystery surrounding his death, a little known drug called propofol, a family war against Michael's estate, a full court press to erase Michael's debt, and a posthumous marketing campaign to rival Elvis.

Take a look at TMZ's timeline from the moment we found something was terribly wrong with Michael.
posted by mjpeterpan
Cause this time of ours is borrowed
We must give a helping hand
Whatever happen to our heroes
They must get another chance
(We can do it again)

We drove close, closer and closer
And even though we’re almost there

wewe are all I need in my life
wewe are all I dream here at night
Close your eyes imagine I’m taking wewe away

Come together all the people (we can do it now)
Here’s your chance to make it right (go, take a chance)
And even though we’re gettin’ close
We’re not there just yet
And even though we’re almost there

wewe are all I need in my life
wewe are all I dream here at night
Close your eyes imagine I’m taking wewe away
Then one zaidi time close your eyes
I’m always here to stay

(I’m always here)
(Oh I)
(I’m always here)
We can do it again
(I’m always here)
Como la brisa
Tu voz me acaricia
Y pregunto por ti
Cuando amanece

Tu amor aparece
Y me hace feliz
Me conoces bien
Y sabes tambien

Que nadie te querra
Como yo
Tu me haces sentir
Deseos de vivir,
Junto a ti por siempre

Tu amor es mi suerte
Tu voz me llama
Tu eres quien gana
En mi corazon
Porque me has dado

Algo sagrado
Con tu pasion
Me conoces bien
Y sabas tambien

Que no puedo vivir sin tu amor
Y cuando no estas
No nyasi, nyasi kavu felicidad
Mi vida no es vida

Si tu te vas
Todo mi amor eres tu
Todo mi amor eres tu
Cuando no estas

No nyasi, nyasi kavu quien me de lo
Que das tu
Pues todo mi amor eres tu
Noche de estrellas

Haz que me quiera
Como a ella yo
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posted by paloma97ppb
I gave wewe joy, your best of joy
I am the moon light, wewe are the spring, our life's a sacred thing
You know I always will upendo you, I am forever

I am the one who came when wewe fell down
I was the only one around (the only one around)
When things will hurt you
I am forever.

Wasn't it I who alisema that wewe are free?
Wonder if it seems so hard to be, and things would hurt you
I am forever, I am forever
We are forever, we are forever

I am a friend through thick and thin
We need each other,
We'll never part,
Our upendo is from the heart
We never say, "I don't need you"
We are forever

I am the one who alisema that you...
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The co-executors of Michael Jackson's estate think Discovery Channel did the right thing when they yanked a documentary from their UK schedule that was to feature a reenactment of MJ's autopsy.

A rep for John Branca and John McClain tells TMZ, "The co-executors of the Estate of Michael Jackson are pleased that Discovery Channel made the correct decision in choosing to cancel this exploitative program."

The co-executors went on to say they feel Michael's mashabiki played a large role in Discovery's decision, saying, "While Discovery cited legal proceedings and our request as the reasons for its decision, none of this would have happened had it not been for the incredible passion displayed kwa countless Michael Jackson mashabiki worldwide who knew they stood as one and that their voices could not be ignored."

As for any future plans to air the show, Branca and McClain said, "We are hopeful that this onyesha will never run in any market in the future."